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With 2022 expected to be the next in a run of the world’s hottest years, climate change is at the forefront of all of our minds… and businesses have a key role to play in preventing it. 

A key influence and powerful economic force, businesses that make green decisions have a ripple effect that could stop global warming from going too far. Businesses that don’t adapt will undoubtedly get left behind. 

Choosing green energy is one of the main ways to lessen your environmental impact as a business; in this article, we explore the best green energy tariffs. 

The benefits of green business energy tariffs 

Beyond a moral duty to protect the planet and communities within it, there are a number of benefits for businesses that choose green tariffs.

The first and most obvious benefit is an improved business image. Beyond meeting corporate responsibility goals, choosing sustainable business energy allows you to access customers who look for green brands. It future-proofs your business by showing that you’re making the right decisions. 

Due to the increased demand for local, renewable energy, green tariffs for businesses are also becoming cheaper than fossil fuel tariffs. Many are also subsidised by government incentives.

By choosing a green business energy tariff, you’ll avoid the Climate Change Levy — an environmental tax that is added to all standard energy bills.  

The top green business energy tariffs in 2022

1. Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy provides certified 100% renewable energy to small and medium businesses across the UK. Their fixed tariffs allow customers to feel confident in their budgets and their customer service is highly rated with a 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. They also offer special incentives and schemes to companies looking to set up electric vehicle charging stations. 

2. Bulb

Bulb keeps its sustainable business energy options clear with one simple plan. As a variable tariff, it is subject to market price changes and can therefore be more expensive during certain times. However, it’s a great idea for businesses who have flexibility here as they will save during cheaper periods. Bulb claims to be able to save you 10% on your energy bills as compared to the average business energy plan. Their customer service is also rated excellent on Trust Pilot. 

3. EDF

EDF’s green business energy solution comes in the form of electricity backed by UK REGOs/ European GoOs. Their zero-carbon tariffs are affordable and extensive information about their origins can be found online. As a business of any size, it is well worth booking a conversation to discuss your options… and EDF’s 24/7 support is yet another reason to! 

4. Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy go above and beyond to provide sustainable business energy to customers across the UK. Not only does their Ovo Beyond tariff give you 100% carbon-neutral energy, but they plant 5 trees for every customer that signs up. Ovo Beyond costs nothing extra than their standard tariffs; all their tariffs are affordable and fixed rate. Ovo is also rated excellent on Trustpilot. 

5. Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK supplies exclusively green business energy tariffs from a range of renewable sources with a focus on local ones. Their tariffs (which are fixed and tailored to businesses of all sizes) are also backed by EKOenergy, the international, not-for-profit ecolabel. This is a great choice for customers who are looking for a really transparent company and, with an excellent rating on Trustpilot, it’s clear Green Energy is on it with customer service too. 

To explore green tariffs for businesses and find the best option to suit you, use our comparison tool. It’s free and easy and could save you a lot of time searching through tariffs online!

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