Procuring Contracts for Commercial Energy Users

Multi-site operations and industrial users of commercial power have diverse requirements. Most companies require bespoke cost control strategies and efficiency management.

No two organisations are alike which is why we’ve created a range of flexible solutions. You could buy directly from the wholesale market, collaborate with others in collective buying schemes or implement various tools to manage efficiencies.

Half hourly meter pricing records usage every 30 minutes to aid management, reporting and annual renewals. HH customers change tariffs through a complex tendering process that’s best handled by an accredited broker. Read our step by step guide on how the process works.

Management software helps larger industrial organisations implement efficiencies across their portfolio of buildings, offices and stores. Although the market only offers off-the-shelf tools, implementation could save multi-site businesses between 9% and 35% annually.

An energy broker helps you get access to market leading prices. Our flexible approach manages a seamless tendering and auctioning portfolio specific for your needs. Our services help public authorities, industrial users, multi-site high street retail outlets and other high volume users of energy.

Wholesale market data could predict the retail pricing offered to your company. Fluctuations and volatility occur on a regular basis, so it’s vital to understand when to procure for the next 12 months ahead. Read how this affects your business with trending data for the past few years.

The Carbon Cost Reduction is a government programme charging levies on all businesses in an attempt to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. Reporting is mandatory for half hourly customers. UK-wide league tables are produced showing how companies perform.

For more information contact our Corporate Team on 0800 690 6008 who can help with procurement, invoicing, quotations, tendering and management software.

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