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Switch Water Suppliers & Save

Could you save by switching business water supplier?

Take advantage of the new deregulation and see how much you can save on your water bills. Complete the form below to receive the latest prices.

With increasing prices across utilities, there has never been a better time to take control of your business water bills. We offer a fully comprehensive switching service to help your business secure competitive business water rates, better customer service and simple billing.

With free impartial advice on how to reduce your water and wastewater services bills, our expert team are happy to walk you through the process.

Why Switch Business Water Suppliers?

The first and most popular reason is to save money on business water bills.

The exact amount your business could save by performing a business water rates comparison will depend on your usage, location, and size. As business water companies can offer very different rates, savings can also vary between businesses.

For example, a water meter recording business usage at 200m3 could be facing bills between £500 and £1,000 depending on their current supplier.

So far, we’ve helped businesses save more than £800,000 on their water bills by switching to a new business water supplier.

How Does Switching Business Water Suppliers Work?

It works in a very similar way to switching business electricity or business gas. Commercial water was deregulated in England in April 2017.

This means that all companies located in England can switch their business water supplier from any regulated provider.

If you haven’t yet switched your business water supplier, you could be missing out on significant savings for your business.

To find out how much you could save by comparing and switching water suppliers, call us on 0800 690 6008.

Why Switch With Business Electricity Prices?

We specialise in saving UK businesses money on their utility bills, from gas and electricity right through to competitive business water prices.

We strive to make switching business water suppliers easy. We have taken our extensive knowledge of saving companies money on their business energy and partnered with one of the UK's leading water suppliers, Everflow Water.

Knowing you can save money on your business water with us, a company rated Excellent on Trustpilot provides you with the peace of mind that we have your best interests at heart. Our expert team will also offer a free business water audit if you spend over £1,000 annually on your water bills. Ensuring your maximising savings and water efficiency.

Do you want to switch business water suppliers? With the deregulation of the water market, business owners have more choices than ever. The water market was deregulated on the 1st of April 2017. This change has ushered in a new era for business owners who want to secure the best prices, benefits, and contract terms from their water contracts.

Switching water suppliers has never been easier, and it can save you serious money on your monthly bills. 

Difference Between Water Suppliers and Retailers

This is a common misconception. The terms ‘water supplier’ and ‘water retailer’ can be used interchangeably. 

Water wholesalers are different. Wholesalers own and maintain the water networks across the whole of the UK. They also source the water and deliver it to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. 

Retailers, such as Source for Business, Wave, and Yu Water purchase water from wholesalers. They add a percentage to the wholesale price and handle all the customer-facing activities. Business owners in the UK enter into contracts with retailers, not wholesalers. Retailers can create packages and rates.

Browse through our business water supplier guide.

Benefits of Switching Water Suppliers

We encourage business owners to switch water suppliers once a year. A lot can change in a year, especially in the newly deregulated market. There are lots of benefits of changing suppliers. 

  • Save money - The easiest and quickest way to save money on business water costs is to switch water retailers. Now, suppliers understand the importance of securing customers in a competitive environment. Business owners can secure cheaper tariffs and lower overall bills by surveying the market and finding better unit rates. 

  • Take control of your bills - Business utilities can be overwhelming. New business owners often secure the first deal that they can find from a big-name supplier. Big-name suppliers are recognisable, but they might not offer the best benefits and prices for your business. You may also want to perform a business water audit to maximise savings. 

  • Future-proof your business - Business owners can future-proof their businesses by securing fixed-rate contracts. Fixed rates are perfect for business owners who want exact bills. Of course, monthly bills can still change based on monthly usage, but the unit rates will remain the same. 

  • Secure a long-term deal - Long-term contracts are difficult to come by, especially when suppliers have to work against rising wholesale rates. Smart business owners can try to secure a fixed-term rate just before the 1st of April. This will protect them against price hikes. 

  • Understand the water market - Lots of business owners are confused by the current water market. Before deregulation, business properties were supplied solely by the retailer in the region. Now, non-domestic customers can enter into contracts with almost any supplier that is active in the market. Even if business owners do not want to change water suppliers, they can gain a better understanding of the water landscape by surveying the market. 

  • Consolidated billing - More and more water suppliers are offering customers consolidated billing. Consolidated billing is when bills for multiple sites and services are combined. This makes paying bills easier than ever. 

  • Receive better customer service - When it comes to switching suppliers, water prices are not the only important consideration. Business owners also switch business water suppliers to receive better customer service support. Other benefits include eco-friendly practices, new customer incentives, and tailored packages. 

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Do you want to switch water retailers? 

When business owners want to change water retailers, they come to us. Business owners can switch water suppliers at a moment’s notice with our comparison generator. We have created a generator for people who want a hassle-free way to survey all their options. 

Our comparison generator puts all the best deals in one place. Put your details in, wait a minute, and find a list of suitable suppliers. Our experts have even surveyed the market for prices so that you can find competitive deals. 

Once you have chosen a supplier, you can make the switch. Ofwat, the regulatory body that manages the water sector in England and Wales, maintains a database of all properties and how much water they consume. Business owners do not have to worry about handing this information over. Every water supplier has access to the database, which makes switching suppliers seamless.

What Kind of Business Water Contracts Are There?

Business owners who want to change water suppliers can expect one of two kinds of contracts. 

  • Fixed-term contracts - Fixed-term contracts come with definite unit rates. If premises use more water from one month to the next, their overall bill will still change. The unit rate will remain the same for as long as the contract stipulates. Average fixed-term contracts can last one, two, three, or even five years. It is rare to find these types of contracts that last for more than five years because suppliers do not want to lose money if wholesale prices increase exponentially.

  • Deemed contracts - Deemed contracts become active when properties use water services but have not secured a fixed-term contract. Business owners who are on deemed contracts have to pay standard wholesale rates. These rates rise every year. 

Other utilities, such as electricity, come in a much wider range of tariffs. 

Can I Switch Water Retailers Across Multiple Sites?

The simple answer is yes. 

Business owners should take advantage of good business water rates. Once they have found a good rate, they should apply it to all the premises that they own. Lots of suppliers are also happy to offer big customers large discounts. 

Most suppliers are also happy to offer customers consolidated billing. Consolidated billing can save business owners time and energy. 

How Long Does It Take To Change Water Suppliers? 

One of the most common concerns is, how long does it take to switch business water suppliers?

Switching suppliers can seem daunting, especially for business owners who have a lot of other tasks on their to-do lists. The good news is that the switching process has never been more seamless. 

Our customers can switch water suppliers in no time at all. Use our comparison generator to find a suitable supplier and let us handle the rest. Your current supplier will send a contract, LOA, and a direct debit mandate. Our experts will give you a definite date. On this date, your business will be switched from your old supplier to your new supplier. 

Who Can Change Water Suppliers? 

To change water retailers, business owners must meet the criteria set out by Ofwat. 

Businesses that are located in England and Scotland face very few restrictions. These businesses benefit from a deregulated water industry. The Scottish water industry was deregulated in 2008 and the English water industry was deregulated in 2017. 

Business owners in Wales have to meet stricter requirements to switch water suppliers. They can only change water suppliers if their property uses more than 50 million litres of water per year. 

Business owners in Northern Ireland cannot switch suppliers. The water market in Northern Ireland is not deregulated. Business owners have to secure a package from their regional water supplier. 

If I Switch Water Retailers Will My Water Be Stopped?

Lots of business owners are worried about stopping their water supply. Water is an essential part of day to day operations. Without a reliable water supply, business owners all over the UK would be unable to fulfil their contracts and services. 

The good news is that switching suppliers will not interrupt your water supply. Whether or not business owners switch suppliers, they can expect consistent running water. The only thing that can impact your water supply is maintenance issues and burst pipes. Suppliers can also refuse service to business owners who do not pay bills. 

Switch Business Water Suppliers Now

With our seamless service, switching suppliers does not have to be complicated. We have helped thousands of businesses all over the UK save money on their business electricity bills, and now we are helping them find better water deals. 


Business owners can easily switch water retailers with our water comparison generator. Our experts have trawled through all the suppliers and deals on the market to find you tailored deals. Tell us your postcode and address, and wait for a minute. 

Choose a supplier and a deal and let us handle the rest. Our team will make the switching process as simple as possible. Business owners all over the UK depend on us for cheaper rates and tailored deals.

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