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UK Historical Electricity Pricing Trends & Insights

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Over the past ten years, the price paid by businesses for their electricity has consistently increased, partly due to wholesale market price rises, but also from government levies and other network costs. No size of business has escaped the price increases.

We’ve analysed data obtained by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to show how fast electricity rates paid have increased since 2004.

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Prices of Electricity Purchased by Non-Domestic Consumers in the UK

The BEIS survey started recording data in 2004 and is collected and reported on a quarterly basis from eight gas and six business electricity suppliers in the UK. The survey receives a 100% response and is understood to represent 60% of the Industrial and Commercial (I & C) electricity sales market. The data collected is also a requirement under Regulation (EU) 2016/1952 from Eurostat.

Commercial Electricity Prices 2004 – 2020 (per kWh)

The average price paid excluding VAT for each size of business.

Year Micro Small Medium Large V.Large X.Large Largest
2004 6.27p 5.34p 4.27p 3.82p 3.62p 3.20p na
2005 6.97p 6.18p 5.62p 4.92p 4.53p 4.18p na
2006 8.45p 7.37p 7.23p 6.49p 6.18p 5.46p na
2007 9.80p 8.18p 7.50p 6.72p 6.24p 6.09p 5.26p
2008 10.68p 9.13p 8.32p 7.64p 7.33p 7.55p 6.51p
2009 12.19p 10.44p 9.49p 8.54p 8.29p 8.23p 7.18p
2010 12.30p 10.11p 8.51p 7.51p 6.88p 6.73p 6.69p
2011 12.10p 10.20p 8.79p 7.91p 7.39p 7.17p 7.05p
2012 12.58p 10.74p 9.47p 8.59p 8.38p 7.94p 8.10p
2013 12.99p 11.28p 10.03p 9.17p 9.14p 8.93p 8.54p
2014 13.82p 11.85p 10.59p 9.62p 9.56p 9.29p 9.04p
2015 13.38p 12.22p 10.92p 10.04p 9.78p 9.54p 9.24p
2016 12.75p 12.08p 10.86p 10.01p 9.83p 9.66p 9.35p
2017 14.00p 12.60p 11.00p 10.49p 10.44p 10.24p 9.21p
2018 15.48p 13.72p 12.19p 11.53p 10.85p 10.37p 9.88p
2019 16.71p 14.89p 13.51p 12.56p 11.86p 11.34p 11.39p
2020 16.93p 15.10p 13.91p 12.49p 11.76p 10.85p 10.73p

The price shown includes Climate Change Levy (CCL) but excludes VAT. Source: BEIS statistical data

Ten Year Electricity Pricing Data

Reviewing the data above shows that since 2007, all businesses experienced price rises, but these vary depending on the annual consumption of energy.

  • Microbusinesses using less than 20 Mwh (20,000 kWh) saw an average price rise of 43%.
  • Large industrial consumers of electricity saw the highest increases over ten years with a 75% hike.

Ten Year Price Trend by Business Size

The graphic below shows the ten-year data in a tabular format.

10 Year Electricity Prices Kwh

Graphical Representation of Electricity Prices

The graph below shows how the prices increased since 2007 for every business size.

10 Year Electricity Prices Kwh Chart

The data table below shows the prices paid by different sizes of businesses for the past eight years with the annual consumption shown by business size. Note: 1 MWh = 1,000 kWh.

Electricity Price Paid Per kWh 2010-2020

Type 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Micro 12.30p 12.10p 12.58p 12.99p 13.82p 13.38p 12.75p 14.00p 15.48p
Small 10.11p 10.20p 10.74p 11.28p 11.85p 12.22p 12.08p 12.60p 13.72p
Medium 8.51p 8.79p 9.47p 10.03p 10.59p 10.92p 10.86p 11.00p 12.19p
Large 7.51p 7.91p 8.59p 9.17p 9.62p 10.04p 10.01p 10.49p 11.53p
Very Large 6.88p 7.39p 8.38p 9.14p 9.56p 9.78p 9.83p 10.44p 10.85p
Extra Large 6.73p 7.17p 7.94p 8.93p 9.29p 9.54p 9.66p 10.24p 10.37p
Largest 6.69p 7.05p 8.10p 8.54p 9.04p 9.24p 9.35p 9.21p 9.88p

Annual Consumption Definitions

The size-bands for the tables above have the following annual consumption definitions:

  • Micro: 0-20 MWh
  • Small: 20-499 MWh
  • Medium: 500-1,999 MWh
  • Large: 2,000-19,999 MWh
  • Very Large: 20,000-69,999 MWh
  • Extra Large: 70,000-149,999 MWh
  • Largest: Above 150,000 MWh

Source: BEIS survey of energy suppliers. These are fully delivered prices including the Climate Change Levy but excluding VAT.

These price increases are slightly less, with the smallest business receiving a 13.8% increase and the largest consumers a 37.6% increase.

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