Lowering the Cost of Energy for Small Businesses

Research shows awareness amongst the UK’s 4.1 million small businesses managing energy contracts is limited. Over 61% of companies are on expensive tariffs that are often 60% or higher than the cheapest standard market rates.

Spending just 30 seconds completing a quote saves SMEs on average £2,300 per year. Browse our guides below or get a quick, accurate quote today.

SME pricing comparisons take less than one minute every 12 months to select the best possible tariff. Read our advice guide on managing contracts, choosing your supplier, and switching if required. Businesses rolled over could save on average 65% to 85% just by moving onto standard tariffs.

These energy saving tips help reduce consumption leading to lower annual bills. Some are obvious, but did you know that swapping desktop computers for laptops could save £1,400 per year on just 10 computers? Introducing efficiencies costs nothing, but ultimately saves thousands each year.

Micro electricity prices are extremely competitive amongst the energy companies. Ofgem rules help avoid signing up to the wrong contracts. It’s still your responsibility to check contractual obligations and switch your tariff each year. Read our guide to keep average bills at £2,300 per year.

No standing charge contracts are rare for small businesses, but do exist. Normally 03 and 04 metered customers pay 21p to 23p per day, no matter your level of usage. Max-demand users could pay up to 100p per day. Our no standing charge guide shows what’s on offer.

Guide to switching gas and electricity contracts. Unlike residential customers, contracts need formally terminating prior to taking out a new agreement. If you’re comparing prices yourself, then it’s critical you follow these methods. If you don’t, you may invoke expensive out of contract rates.

Our market research analysis data highlights industry trends on companies switching supplier and those that don’t. 64% of respondents report they don’t plan to switch in the next 12 months. They’re potentially missing a percentage of the estimated £1.8 Billion overpaid annually by UK businesses.

Small business owners can contact our dedicated team on 0800 690 6008 with any questions about switching, obtaining quotes, or efficiency measures.

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