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Southern Electric logoPart of the Scottish and Southern Energy group, SSE supplies gas and electricity to over 500,000 businesses within the UK.

Part of the UK’s Big Six energy providers, the supplier has a diverse range of clients – from micro businesses to larger corporate companies. So, no matter your business’ size, SSE could offer you an energy tariff that’s suitable for your needs.

Introduction to SSE

SSE’s roots began in 1948 with the Southern Electricity Board (SEB). In 1990, SEB’s assets were passed to Southern Electric plc and the organisation was privatised in the same year. The company then merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc in 1998 to form Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

In 2020, SSE’s retail energy services were acquired by leading independent energy supplier, OVO Energy. OVO has a keen focus on providing customers with clean and affordable energy, and together the suppliers deliver gas and electricity to over 5 million customers.

SSE tariffs and prices

SSE has a range of fixed and flexible gas and electricity tariffs to suit the needs of a variety of businesses.

From fixed-rate tariffs to variable-rate and deemed contracts, this provider aims to ensure that you get the best out of your business energy plan.

SSE also offers advice on half-hourly meters, Feed-in-Tariffs and energy triad periods.

Here, you can find the average SSE business electricity prices.

SSE Power Electricity Tariff 17.74p 36p £4,727

Compare SSE electricity tariffs with Business Electricity Prices

If you’re thinking about switching to an SSE energy tariff, we could help you compare energy prices to find the best deal for your business.

Here at Business Electricity Prices, we offer a free online comparison service that is designed to identify great business energy deals. Simply enter your business’ postcode, contact details and some brief information regarding your business’ energy needs, and within a few minutes, you’ll receive your free quote.

The easy way to switch to a SSE business tariff

It’s our goal to make switching business electricity suppliers as simple and stress-free as possible. Once you’ve made your decision about your new energy tariff, our experts will manage your switching process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We’ll get in touch with your old and new suppliers to arrange a changeover date, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Our team will also be on hand to answer any questions you have.

What else can SSE offer my business?

As well as a suitable gas and electricity tariff, SSE also aims to offer all its customers support and advice on topics such as energy management and sustainability.

They provide access to an online reporting tool which gives you information on energy efficiency. They also offer energy strategy and optimisation services to help you reduce your business energy costs.

Additionally, smart meters are available to help you monitor your gas and electricity usage and identify areas for efficiency improvement.

What happens if my SSE contract is up for renewal?

If your business fits into the micro business category, SSE is required to send you a renewal letter three months before your energy contract ends; as instructed by Ofgem.

The renewal letter will include information such as rollover rates and out-of-contract prices, but you should be aware that these costs are likely to be high. It is therefore recommended that you compare electricity quotes and find a better deal for your business electricity.

If your company is not a micro business, SSE is not legally obligated to send you a renewal letter. You must therefore keep note of your contract’s end date and either renew or switch suppliers to avoid expensive out-of-contract charges or an automatic rollover onto a more expensive contract.

SSE Fuel Mix & Green Performance

Across the world, both business and consumers are prioritising sustainability and energy-efficiency to combat climate change.

SSE is one of the many electricity suppliers who are working to promote cleaner and more sustainable energy. They have invested heavily into renewables such as onshore and offshore wind, as well as hydropower.

Businesses signed up to their ‘SSE Green’ gas and electricity contracts receive power generated from the supplier’s own renewable assets. Businesses on these contracts also benefit from simpler greenhouse gas reports, along with a logo and certificate to demonstrate their commitment to green energy.

Here’s a breakdown of SSE’s fuel mix:

  • Coal – 8%
  • Nuclear – 1%
  • Natural Gas – 57%
  • Renewables – 31%
  • Other sources – 3%

Compare SSE prices online with Business Electricity Prices

It’s easy to compare business electricity prices with our free online comparison tool.

Simply provide a few details about your company and within a matter of seconds, you’ll receive your free energy quote.

Compare Prices Online

Save money on your energy bills.

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