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AMR Water Meter

AMR Water Meter

By 2024, all homes and small businesses should have the choice whether to update their meters or not. The government intends to reduce energy usage. One of the best ways to do this is to make individuals and businesses more aware of their utility usage. While homes and domestic premises are likely to receive a Smart Meter, businesses are more likely to get an AMR. What is an AMR, and what benefits could one bring to your business?

AMR Water Meter

What is an AMR Meter?

An Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) is a utility meter that takes automatic measurements. It is attached to your regular meter, rather than replacing it. An AMR takes readings itself. This means that neither you, nor a professional from the supplier, needs to take the readings.

An Automatic Meter Reader sends you the data that it collects. You receive reports on the amount of water that you have used. These reports are more accurate than you would be able to take with a traditional meter. You can then submit these reports to your supplier, and save money by only submitting accuracte meter readings. You can also draw conclusions into your water usage from the data you receive.

What is the Difference Between an AMR and a Smart Meter?

AMRs and Smart Meters fulfil a similar function. They both allow you to get more accurate meter readings. They both help you to understand how you are using water. As a result, they should both help you use less water overall. However, there are a few differences in how they work.

An AMR does not replace your existing meter. It is fitted to the meter, and submits its readings to you. Meanwhile, a Smart Meter does replace your existing meter. The Smart Meter then submits its readings to your supplier. Essentially, an AMR is more like a remote reading device. However, a Smart Meter is more of a way for your supplier to communicate with your water usage.

Why Get an AMR Water Meter?

An Automatic Meter Reader is an effective way to change your water usage. In recent years, many people and businesses have become aware of the need to save water. With global heating continuing, conserving water is important for the planet. It is also important financially. Most companies want to save money. Fundamentally, an AMR exists to help you do this.

Traditional meter readers can be inaccurate. They require either you or a meter reader from the supplier to take a reading. This can sometimes misrepresent the amount of water you are actually using. An AMR is much more accurate, so you pay for the water that you are really using.

Many bills you receive are based on estimated meter readings. This means that if you use less water than expected, you are paying too much. An AMR never estimates your bills, so you always pay for water you have actually used.

With an AMR, it is easier to tell if there has been a leak or a burst pipe. With readings being taken regularly, you can easily find out if you are wasting water. Then you can solve the problem before it costs you.

How do I get an AMR Meter?

All businesses will have the chance to upgrade to a smart meter or AMR. If you are a business with a larger premises, you will likely receive an AMR. Ask your water supplier for advice on changing meter.

If you find that you cannot get a new meter, or you are unhappy with your current supplier, it may be time to switch. Businesses in the UK can compare business water rates. At Business Electricity Prices, we specialise in helping businesses find better deals on their utilities. Contact us today, and let us help you save money on your water and energy.

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