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When it comes to businesses that need large amounts of electricity, inaccurate meter readings can lead to crippling estimated billing.

Many businesses falling into this category will be required by law to have a half-hourly meter installed on their premises. However, even businesses that fall short of the legal requirement of installation, often choose to install a half-hourly meter due to the benefits it brings. 

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What is a Half Hourly Meter?

True to its name, a half-hourly meter automatically submits a reading every 30 minutes. For businesses with a peak demand of 100KVA of electricity in any half-hour period, it is a legal requirement to have this type of meter. 

Often businesses sitting below the 100KVA peak demand but above 70KVA will choose to have a half-hourly meter to manage their business electricity supply. With a large consumption of electricity, billing can quickly get out of control when readings are not regularly submitted. 

Having a half-hourly meter in place also unlocks tailored business electricity tariffs that are designed to fit exact requirements in terms of consumption, electricity monitoring and insights. 

If you’re moving business premises, you can find out if there’s already a meter installed by checking if there’s a “00” in the top corner next to the S (as shown below). 00 meter is another name for a half-hourly meter. 

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Is Business Electricity Cheaper With A Half-Hourly Meter? 

Typically, large consumption businesses are offered cheaper electricity unit prices as they are purchasing electricity in bulk. As large consumption businesses typically have half-hourly meters installed, they also have access to cheaper business electricity unit prices.

Can I Switch Business Electricity Suppliers With A Half-Hourly Meter?

Here are some things to keep in mind when switching to a half-hourly meter. 

  • Contact an electricity retailer providing your company information such as meter number and meter address.
  • Provide a Data Release Letter (DRL) so that the broker can access your data from your current provider. The tendering process can’t commence until we have received this letter.
  • An invitation to tender (ITT) is arranged and submitted to all electricity suppliers. Within a few days, a range of rates is provided for the client to review. 
  • The pricing presented is usually only available for 24 hours due to the volatile nature of the wholesale market. Prices are always based on the current wholesale market, which is usually higher in the winter months. Speak to your broker for the best time to negotiate your rates.
  • Switching takes between 4-6 weeks depending on contract renewal dates.
  • Brokers will assist you through this entire process, saving you time and money.

Why Are Half-Hourly Meter Mandatory For Some Businesses? 

You may have heard the term P272. This refers to a piece of legislation passed in 2014 to phase profile class meters from 05 to 08 that had to be moved to a half-hourly meter.

This officially became mandatory in 2017 to help businesses and suppliers properly manage high-consumption electricity usage. This ensures that every business in this profile class is billed for the actual amount of electricity they have used and is not wrongly estimated. As the usage is high, estimated billing can cause serious cash flow problems. 

What We Offer To Your Business  

Our expert large consumption team keeps the process simple but delivers exceptional service, switching management, fast installation and bespoke tariffs. 

Securing your new half-hourly meter with us means: 

  • Free half-hourly meter installation*
  • Bespoke tariffs and great unit rates 
  • We can manage meter operator arrangements 
  • Great electricity management tools 
  • Competitive business electricity deals

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Half-Hourly Meter Installation FAQs

  • How Quickly Can I Get My New Half-Hourly Meter Installed?

    We aim to complete our meter installation within 2 weeks. However, depending on the complexity of the installation, it may take longer. We’ll always be clear and transparent with the timeline.

  • What Is kVA?

    Kilo-Volt-Ampere is a monthly charge paid to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). To understand exactly what this charge is, you can draw comparisons to a normal standing charge. This charge is related to the power capacity provided to your business premises. 

  • What Is P272?

    The P272 is a regulation for business electricity suppliers to measure the consumption of their customers every 30 minutes. This drove the mandatory demand for the installation of half-hourly meters.

  • What Is A DNO?

    Your Distribution Network Operator manages the electricity network including cables and wires connecting your business to the National Grid.