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Business Utilities Cost Savings Guides

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We help thousands of businesses each year reduce their business electricity & gas bills.

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We help thousands of businesses each year reduce their business electricity bills.

Our free impartial service allows you to find the most competitive tariffs on the market in seconds.

Austerity measures affect all business sectors to some degree. Improving the understanding of market conditions could improve overall margins. Maintaining stability in a volatile industry utilising these white papers and guides help deliver positive returns.

These free calculators, efficiency ideas and rate information could help save an additional 10%-20% through lower consumption. The government led rollout of smart meter installations adds flexibility and detail to your management data.

Online cost calculators provide information on the power used from the National Grid for a range of office devices. Enter your data to calculate accurate energy usage of computers, laptops, lighting and other appliances. Then check if changes could lead to environmental improvements.

Cheaper gas prices are available from all UK suppliers. Usage is calculated using calorific and conversion factors leading to a unit price per kWh that’s 12%-14% of the equivalent electric unit. Procure gas as a single or dual fuel tariff where additional discounts are available.

Top 20 savings methods is an in-depth guide to save money on tariffs and efficiency measures. This guide helps reduce usage through meter changes, renewable energy sources and awareness. Lower your annual invoices with group buying schemes, changing meters and other discounts.

Average prices per kWh guides you through the lowest and highest unit rates you could pay. 03 and 04 metered customers pay from 9p to 12p on standard tariffs with industrial users paying between 7p and 10p per kWh. Daily charges range between 18p and 120p depending on your meter.

Smart Meters presents new billing arrangement opportunities and access to your consumption data. A national rollout for residential and business customers is underway to eliminate estimated bills from manual meter readings. Customers can arrange installation with their supplier.

European average energy prices vary greatly by each Eurozone region. This research shows which country has the highest and the lowest rates charged per kilowatt hour. See how rates paid in the United Kingdom fare against its neighbours. The results may surprise you!

Compare business water prices from the top ten providers in the UK. This guide includes information on the new deregulation process with research from the Scottish model and learnings from the energy market.

Get prices for all your business energy requirements in order to lower your prices. This section takes you through the steps needed to change either your supplier or contract with your existing provider. You have various options to get quotes, and we discuss them all.

Take advantage of a free audit of your current set up. Our consultants will scrutinise how you utilise and pay for your utilities. They’ll advise on a range of programmes revealing underlying causes of energy waste. Telephone us on 0800 690 6008 for further information.

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