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Business Water Rates

Compare Business Water Suppliers And Take Control Of Your Business Water Bills 

Comparing business water rates is a smart way to save money. Get a water quote today in just a few clicks.

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enjoying cheaper business water rates.

Why Compare Business Water Prices?

You could save up to £450 off your business water bill by sparing 30 seconds to compare water rates and switching to a cheaper business water supplier.

The ability to compare business water rates and switch to a new retailer allows businesses to save more when combined with electricity and gas savings.

Switching retailers gives you the ability to secure better prices and customer service for you. Some water retailers have a core customer base of small businesses that specialise in a straightforward quality service. Other retailers focus more on large corporate clients. This split allows businesses to find a retailer with the best service. For example, our business water partner Everflow specialises in water for small businesses and has a fantastic reputation.

In 30 seconds, you can get a business water quote and select the right retailer for your company.

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How Our Business Water Comparison Works

We specialise in saving UK businesses money on their utility bills, from finding cheap business gas and business electricity prices to providing competitive business water prices.

We strive to make switching business water suppliers easy. We have taken our extensive knowledge of saving companies money on their business energy and partnered with one of the UK's leading water suppliers, Everflow Water to help you save money on your business water bill.

  • 1

    Your Water Requirements

    We just require some basic contact info and a few pieces of key information from a recent business water bill.

  • 2

    Choose Your Deal

    Our experts will gather the latest business water prices from our trusted commercial water supplier partner.

  • 3

    Complete Your Switch

    Once you're happy with your new business water rates, we will start the switching process for you. Our team will do all the leg work for you.

Business Water Rates 2024/25

Business water rates vary by location, and the locations are dependant on wholesaler areas, which do not match the UK's regions. What's more, retailers have their own way of charging businesses for water usage. To help you understand what your annual water bill may be if you stayed with your default water retailer, we've compiled the below table of business water prices for each wholesale region.

These prices are just a guide, and other charges and fees may be applicable, so you should compare your current water supplier with others to see if you benefit from switching suppliers.

Wholesaler Default Water Retailer Water Rate £/cubic meter Waste Water Rate £/cubic meter Annual Fixed Charge For Water & Waste (£) Annual Bill (£)
Northumbrian Water Wave £1.34 £1.39 £77.05 £4,129.96
Thames Water Castle Water £1.94 £1.17 £114.60 £4,678.20
Severn Trent Water Plus £1.75 £1.29 £103.43 £4,680.98
United Utilities Water Plus £1.80 £1.20 £78.75 £4,585.80
Yorkshire Water Business Stream £1.71 £2.08 £113.96 £5,813.96
Anglian Water Wave £1.69 £1.97 £129.81 £5,616.01
Southern Water Business Stream £1.82 £2.40 £138.48 £6,517.34
Wessex Water Water2Business £1.61 £1.93 £121.45 £5,348.12
Scottish Water Business Stream £0.90 £1.61 £315.05 £4,093.70
South West Water Source for Business £3.63 £3.05 £176.25 £10,109.65

The business water prices above are based on an annual consumption of 1,500m3. Water prices per m3 have been rounded to the nearest pence. Source for default retailers: Source4B. Source for water prices: Retailer websites.

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Best Business Water Suppliers 2024

A cheap business water price isn't the only consideration when you're thinking of switching water suppliers. You also need to know if their customer service is worth switching to. You also need to know if the supplier is suited to your business - as different water suppliers will specialise in different business sizes.

That's why we've compiled a table of Trustpilot scores to help you navigate whether a water supplier provides a service worth switching to, and if they are suited to your business.

Water Retailer Water Retailer Trustpilot Rating Great For
Wave 4.7 (Excellent) Sustainability
Water Plus 3.9 (Great) Largest UK Retailer
Business Stream 4.7 (Excellent) Oldest Water Retailer
Everflow Water 4.6 (Excellent) Small Businesses
SES Business Water 1.4 (Bad) Basic Supply
Castle Water 4.5 (Excellent) Independent
Yu Water 4.0 (Great) Basic Supply
Source for Business 4.8 (Excellent) One of the Biggest Retailers
Water2Business 4.9 (Excellent) Great Customer Service
Clear Business 4.1 (Great) Multi-Utility


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Can Anyone Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Water supplier switching works in a very similar way to switching electricity suppliers. Commercial water was deregulated in England in April 2017.

This means all companies in England or Scotland can switch their business water retailer from any regulated provider. Many call them suppliers despite being 'retailers' due to the similarity of other utility markets.

To find out how much you could save by comparing and switching water suppliers, call us on 0800 690 6008.

What Is The Difference Between Business Water Wholesalers and Retailers?

There are a few confusing terms when it comes to business water. One of the main questions asked is the difference between wholesalers and retailers. Essentially, your business water retailer handles your billing, and customer services and is the company you will be dealing with. The wholesalers manage the network and do not get involved in business customer billing.

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Why Switch Business Water Suppliers?

The most popular reason to compare business water prices and switch water suppliers is to save on business water rates. However, many businesses switch suppliers for better customer service and easier bill management.

The amount your business could save by performing a business water rates comparison will depend on your usage, location, and size. As business water companies can offer very different rates, savings can also vary between companies.

For example, a water meter recording business usage of 200m3 could be billed between £500 and £1,000. Switching suppliers could mean paying less for the same water being used.

One thing is for sure, you will have larger savings if you have never switched water retailers before, or if it has been a while.When you switch business water suppliers, you can find a water contract tailored to your business needs.

If your business has multiple sites, you can consolidate your bills with the same supplier.

We’ve helped businesses save over £800,000 on their water bills by switching to a new business water supplier.


In 30 seconds, you can compare business water rates and start saving today with Everflow Water.

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Who Supplies My Business Water?

The government deregulated water to allow consumers to choose their suppliers. Now, business owners can choose which supplier they receive water from, just as they choose their suppliers for energy.

When the water market became deregulated, business customers were automatically transferred to the nearest water retailer in their region. This means that lots of business owners are with suppliers that are overcharging them. Still, it also means there's plenty of opportunity to save money on business water by switching suppliers.

Despite Ofwat’s attempts to give consumers more freedom, the deregulation of water has proven confusing. Taking a look at your most recent business water bill should shine some light on who your business water supplier is.

Having a recent water bill to hand will also help when it comes to switching as it will provide some useful information on business water usage and an up-to-date meter reading.

Am I Eligible To Switch Suppliers?

All companies with premises in England or Scotland are eligible to switch business water suppliers. However, there are a couple of caveats to that:

  • Business owners must own dedicated premises that are used for business purposes
  • Businesses that are located in Wales must use a minimum of 50 Megalitres of water per year

If your business address is in England or Scotland, you can switch business water. However, if you have multiple locations across the UK including Wales, you will have to have a separate business water bill under regulation. This does not mean you cannot become more water efficient to save money across all business premises.

What Is The Average Business Water Bill?

Typically, small businesses can pay up to around £1,165.43 annually on their water supply, whilst medium/large businesses can spend as much as £7,950.80 per year.

Water consumption rates and your selected tariff will have the most prominent impact on your overall costs, so choosing the right contract and using water efficiently could help reduce your bill.

How Can I Improve My Business’ Water Efficiency?

As aforementioned, water efficiency is just as important as finding a suitable deal for your business’s water supply. A good deal and high water efficiency help to keep your water bills as low as possible.

  1. Conduct frequent checks on pipework
  2. Fix any leaks or drips as soon as possible
  3. Choose water-efficient settings for appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
  4. Invest in a rainwater harvesting device (water butt).
  5. Instruct staff to close all taps properly
  6. Invest in water-efficient bathroom facilities such as low/dual flush toilets, efficient shower heads, water-less urinals and tap aerators. Tap aerators can also be placed in kitchens.
  7. Invest in a water meter and monitor your usage.
  8. Ensure all staff are on board with efforts to save water.

In 30 seconds, you can compare business water rates and start saving today with Everflow Water.

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Business Water FAQs

  • What If I Have Multiple Business Premises?

    One significant change multi-site customers will benefit from is the ability to have one supplier administer all of their sites. If a business has 20 sites around the country, it may have 20 different water suppliers.

    Those businesses can now consolidate their fragmented billing into one national agreement.

  • Do I Need A Business Water Audit?

    Due to the regional lottery on the location and size of premises, some businesses have been overcharged by up to 65% on their commercial water rates.

    With a business water audit, in-depth research can be carried out on your water rates to find out how your business can save money.

    For businesses that spend over £1,000 on their annual water bill, we can even offer a water audit free of charge. Your business water audit will include:

    • Checks on usage and consumption
    • Drainage checks
    • Sanitary checks
    • Return to sewer & wastewater checks
  • Is My Company Eligible To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

    If your business premises are used for business and is located in England and Scotland, you will likely be able to switch your water supplier. Businesses located in Wales can only switch if the business uses more than 50 million litres per year.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

    Switching business water suppliers takes around 28 days. This includes a cooling-off period from the previous supplier. Your supply will not be affected when you switch.

  • Will I Save Money By Switching Business Water Suppliers?

    If you’ve never switched before, it is likely you can save money by switching to the latest business water tariffs. The exact cost of each tariff will often depend on your water usage and the size of your business.

  • What Is Business Wastewater?

    Companies are required to pay for their business wastewater on top of their business water supply. This is known as effluent. 

    Business water suppliers consider four types of collection and treatment services when calculating wastewater charges:

    • Foul sewage
    • Surface water drainage
    • Highway drainage
    • Trade effluent

    The amount you’re charged will depend on factors including the amount and strength of effluent before it reaches the sewer. If you have a water meter, you will be charged at a set rate. If you do not have a water meter, you will be charged a set amount based on the value of your property.

    Understanding water and sewerage charges can be a minefield for businesses. At Business Electricity Prices, we can provide the advice you need to ensure you’re on the right water rates for your business.

  • How To Take Business Water Meter Readings?

    Meter readings are a little more complicated for business water. First, you will need to locate your water meter outside your business property. You may have multiple business water meters if the property is larger. 

    If you cannot find your water meter outside your business premises, it is likely to have been installed internally, although this is not common. If this is the case, it will be close to where the water pipe enters the building. These chambers typically have a circular cover, which is easily removed to allow access to the water meter.

    Occasionally your commercial water supplier may request a reading. You only take one if it is safe to do so. 

    On your business water meter, you will see 4 or 5 black and white numbers and a couple of red ones. You only need to write down the black numbers as they measure the amount of water that's passed through the meter in cubic meters. 

    If the numbers on your meter have 0s at the beginning, you need to include these too.

  • What is an AMR Meter?

    An Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) is a utility meter that takes automatic measurements. It is attached to your regular meter, rather than replacing it. An AMR takes readings itself. This means that neither you nor a professional from the supplier, needs to take the readings.

    An Automatic Meter Reader sends you the data that it collects. You receive reports on the amount of water that you have used. These reports are more accurate than you would be able to take with a traditional meter. You can then submit these reports to your supplier, and save money by only submitting accurate meter readings. You can also draw conclusions about your water usage from the data you receive.

  • Who Can Switch Business Water Suppliers?

    Anyone can compare water suppliers and water supplier prices, but not all business owners can make the switch. Despite the deregulation of the water market in England, there are still strict rules about which businesses can make the switch across Great Britain.

  • Can Businesses In Wales Switch Water Supplier?

    Business consumers in Wales have to meet specific criteria in order to switch suppliers. They are only eligible if their premises uses more than 50 million litres of water a year. If non-domestic customers do not meet that criteria, they have to stay with their regional water supplier. 

  • Do I Need to Use My Local Water Supplier?

    Business owners in England and Scotland can compare water suppliers and choose whichever supplier suits their needs. Businesses in Wales have to use their local water supplier if the premises do not use more than 50 million litres of water per year. 

    Businesses in Scotland are even more restricted. The water market is regulated in Scotland, which means that business owners cannot choose their water supplier. Scottish businesses are locked into contracts with regional water suppliers by default. 

  • What Is a Supply Point ID?

    SPID (or Supply Point ID) is one of the most important pieces of information on your bill. It is a ten-digit number that is followed by one letter. All business premises have a Supply Point ID for fresh potable water and an ID for wastewater services. 

    This code always remains the same. Business owners can switch suppliers any number of times and still have the same Supply Point ID. 

  • Do Water Supplier Prices Change?

    If you compare water rates from one year to the next, you will notice a jump. Ofwat, the regulatory body in the industry, creates guidelines that stipulate how much suppliers can charge their customers. Ofwat assesses the business water landscape once a year and decides how much water supplier prices can increase. This increase comes into effect on the 1st of April each year. 

  • Do Water Prices Vary By Location?

    This is one of the most common questions that business owners ask us.

    Water prices vary by supplier. Water supplier prices can vary massively. Suppliers only have to ensure that their prices meet the regulations set out by Ofwat. Other than that, they have full control of their water rates. 

    Due to the deregulation of the market, the location of water suppliers no longer matters. However, the location of business premises might. Several factors can impact the unit rates that business owners pay. Here are some of the factors that suppliers consider when they are creating contracts.

    • Location of the premises
    • Size of the premises
    • Size of the company (number of employees, etc)
    • Usage
    • What the water is used for (laundrette, office, etc)

    If you are concerned about prices, you should always compare business water suppliers. 

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