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Take Control Of Your Business Water Rates and Find The Best Deal

Since 2017 companies have been able to choose their business water supplier and reduce their costs.

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Compare Business Water Rates

With increasing prices across utilities, there has never been a better time to take control of your business water bills. We offer a fully comprehensive switching service to help your business secure competitive business water rates, better customer service and simple billing.

With free impartial advice on how to reduce your water and wastewater services bills, our expert team are happy to walk you through the process.

Why Switch Business Water Suppliers?

The first and most popular reason is to save money on business water bills.

The exact amount your business could save by performing a business water rates comparison will depend on your usage, location, and size. As business water companies can offer very different rates, savings can also vary between businesses.

For example, a water meter recording business usage at 200m3 could be facing bills between £500 and £1,000 depending on their current supplier.

If you’ve never switched before, it’s likely you will still be supplied by the water provider for your region. When you switch business water suppliers, you can find a water contract which is tailored to your business needs.

If your business has multiple sites, you will have the option of switching to the same supplier and consolidating your bills.

So far, we’ve helped businesses save more than £800,000 on their water bills by switching to a new business water supplier.

How Does Switching Business Water Suppliers Work?

It works in a very similar way to switching business electricity or business gas. Commercial water was deregulated in England in April 2017.

This means that all companies located in England can switch their business water supplier from any regulated provider.

If you haven’t yet switched your business water supplier, you could be missing out on significant savings for your business.

To find out how much you could save by comparing and switching water suppliers, call us on 0800 690 6008.

Why Switch With Business Electricity Prices?

We specialise in saving UK businesses money on their utility bills, from gas and electricity right through to competitive business water prices.

We strive to make switching business water suppliers easy. We have taken our extensive knowledge of saving companies money on their business energy and partnered with one of the UK's leading water suppliers, Everflow Water.

Knowing you can save money on your business water with us, a company rated Excellent on Trustpilot provides you with the peace of mind that we have your best interests at heart. Our expert team will also offer a free business water audit if you spend over £1,000 annually on your water bills. Ensuring your maximising savings and water efficiency.

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    Your Water Requirements

    We just require some basic contact info and a few pieces of key information from a recent business water bill.

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    Choose Your Deal

    Our experts will gather the latest business water prices from our trusted partner.

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    Complete Your Switch

    Once you're happy with your new business water rates, we will start the switching process for you. Our team will do all the leg work for you.

Current Business Water Prices

Our research shows that the difference between the current standard tariff from the most expensive provider and the cheapest supplier is over £590!

The calculations below show the exact charges a small or medium-sized business incurs each year. The average bills exclude additional charges such as surface water and highway drainage.

The data is from the 2020/21 published tariffs using the lowest annual fixed charges. All prices exclude VAT at 20%. 

Small Business Water Prices

Based on 200m3 consumption, sorted by cheapest first.

Supplier Water £/m3 Water Fixed Waste £/m3 Waste Fixed Total Bill
1. Northumbrian £1.0646 £38.77 £0.7793 £77.02 £484.57
2. Thames Water £1.4570 £17.84 £0.8963 £44.71 £553.21
3. Severn Trent £1.5172 £45.59 £0.9400 £39.53 £576.56
4. United Utilities £1.7010 £48.07 £1.1050 £0 £609.27
5. Yorkshire Water £1.3621 £40.86 £1.5599 £48.91 £674.17
6. Anglian Water £1.3472 £58.00 £1.4212 £37.00 £648.48
7. Southern Water £1.9998 £46.00 £1.2484 £18.00 £713.64
8. Wessex Water £1.2600 £50.89 £1.9988 £85.85 £788.89
9. Business Stream £1.5652 £68.22 £1.8391 £79.36 £828.44
10. South West £1.9718 £50.85 £2.9162 £49.83 £1,078.28

The difference from highest to lowest is £593.71 per year.

Medium-Sized Business Water Prices

Based on 1,500m3 consumption, sorted by cheapest first.

Supplier Water £/m3 Water Fixed Waste £/m3 Waste Fixed Total Bill
1. Northumbrian £1.0646 £38.77 £0.7793 £77.02 £2,842.42
2. Thames Water £1.4570 £17.84 £0.8963 £44.71 £3,592.50
3. Severn Trent £1.5172 £45.59 £0.9400 £39.53 £3,770.92
4. Anglian Water £1.3472 £58.00 £1.4212 £37.00 £4,247.60
5. United Utilities £1.7010 £48.07 £1.1050 £0 £4,257.07
6. Yorkshire Water £1.3621 £40.86 £1.5599 £48.91 £4,472.60
7. Southern Water £1.9998 £46.00 £1.2484 £18.00 £4,936.30
8. Wessex Water £1,2600 £50.89 £1.9988 £85.85 £5,024.94
9. Business Stream £1.5652 £68.22 £1.8391 £79.36 £5,254,03
10. South West £1.9718 £50.85 £2.9162 £49.83 £7,432.68

The difference from the highest to the lowest tariff is £4,590.26 per year.

Large Commercial Water

Comparing business water suppliers may seem like a time-consuming task. However, the rewards could be substantial. Whilst our team takes care of all the admin, we do like to take a consultative approach to meet the requirements of each company.

Knowing how your business premises uses water and wastewater services is essential to maximising the savings when switching business water supplier. Our extensive water audit will offer a checklist of water efficiency measures that can be taken to save even more money on your water and sewerage charges. Our team will cover simple changes, right through to sustainability investments in your company.

No matter the size of your company, our team is equipped to help you save money on your business water and beyond.

Ready to compare business water rates? Complete the form below to start saving today. 

Could You Save By Switching Business Water Suppliers?

Take advantage of the new deregulation and see how much you can save on your business water bills. Click the button below and complete the form to receive the latest prices.

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Business Water FAQs

  • What If I Have Multiple Business Premises?

    One significant change multi-site customers will benefit from is the ability to have one supplier administer all of their sites. If a business has 20 sites around the country, it may have 20 different water suppliers.

    Those businesses can now consolidate their fragmented billing into one national agreement.

  • Do I Need A Business Water Audit?

    Due to the regional lottery on the location and size of premises, some businesses have been overcharged by up to 65% on their commercial water rates.

    With a business water audit, in-depth research can be carried out on your water rates to find out how your business can save money.

    For businesses that spend over £1,000 on their annual water bill, we can even offer a water audit free of charge. Your business water audit will include:

    • Checks on usage and consumption
    • Drainage checks
    • Sanitary checks
    • Return to sewer & wastewater checks
  • Is My Company Eligible To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

    If your business premises are used for business and is located in England and Scotland, you will likely be able to switch your water supplier. Businesses located in Wales can only switch if the business uses more than 50 million litres per year.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

    Switching business water suppliers takes around 28 days. This includes a cooling-off period from the previous supplier. Your supply will not be affected when you switch.

  • Will I Save Money By Switching Business Water Suppliers?

    If you’ve never switched before, it is likely you can save money by switching to the latest business water tariffs. The exact cost of each tariff will often depend on your water usage and the size of your business.

  • What Is Business Wastewater?

    Companies are required to pay for their business wastewater on top of their business water supply. This is known as effluent. 

    Business water suppliers consider four types of collection and treatment services when calculating wastewater charges:

    • Foul sewage
    • Surface water drainage
    • Highway drainage
    • Trade effluent

    The amount you’re charged will depend on factors including the amount and strength of effluent before it reaches the sewer. If you have a water meter, you will be charged at a set rate. If you do not have a water meter, you will be charged a set amount based on the value of your property.

    Understanding water and sewerage charges can be a minefield for businesses. At Business Electricity Prices, we can provide the advice you need to ensure you’re on the right water rates for your business.

  • How To Take Business Water Meter Readings?

    Meter readings are a little more complicated for business water. First, you will need to locate your water meter outside your business property. You may have multiple business water meters if the property is larger. 

    If you cannot find your water meter outside your business premises, it is likely to have been installed internally, although this is not common. If this is the case, it will be close to where the water pipe enters the building. These chambers typically have a circular cover, which is easily removed to allow access to the water meter.

    Occasionally your commercial water supplier may request a reading. You only take one if it is safe to do so. 

    On your business water meter, you will see 4 or 5 black and white numbers and a couple of red ones. You only need to write down the black numbers as they measure the amount of water that's passed through the meter in cubic meters. 

    If the numbers on your meter have 0s at the beginning, you need to include these too.

  • What is an AMR Meter?

    An Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) is a utility meter that takes automatic measurements. It is attached to your regular meter, rather than replacing it. An AMR takes readings itself. This means that neither you nor a professional from the supplier, needs to take the readings.

    An Automatic Meter Reader sends you the data that it collects. You receive reports on the amount of water that you have used. These reports are more accurate than you would be able to take with a traditional meter. You can then submit these reports to your supplier, and save money by only submitting accurate meter readings. You can also draw conclusions about your water usage from the data you receive.

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