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We help thousands of businesses each year reduce their business electricity & gas bills.

Our service allows you to find the most competitive tariffs on the market in seconds.

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We help thousands of businesses each year reduce their business gas bills.

Our free impartial service allows you to find the most competitive tariffs on the market in seconds.

We help business all over the UK reduce their business gas bills every year.

Our service allows you to find the most competitive tariffs on the market in seconds.

Switching to a cheaper business gas tariff is one of the quickest ways to free up cash within any business. We have a range of business gas tariffs to meet the demands of any business.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your business and find the best business gas prices from our panel of trusted energy suppliers.

How much can you save on your business gas? 

On average our business gas customers save around £1,067. Many companies who switch with us reinvest their savings into other areas of the business.

We have built a panel of trusted suppliers so your business can switch with confidence.

This means you can choose from a wide range of tariffs at competitive prices. You can choose a new business gas deal in just 60 seconds.

To find out how much you can save, simply request a quick online quote. All we need from you is your business address and a few contact details. We will then get to work finding a great business gas price for you. 

Compare 2021 Business Gas Prices

Simply comparing business gas prices can help you understand how much you should be paying in comparison to other businesses of your size. Many businesses have not switched gas in many years and have now rolled over onto expensive out of contract gas tariffs.

The exact cost of your business gas tariff will vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • Your business location
  • The size of your premises
  • Your current energy supplier
  • Your current business gas spend
  • Your current business gas consumption
  • Your meter type
  • Current energy market prices

Here we’ve broken down the average business gas prices by business size.

Business Size Price per kWh
Very Small/Micro Business 5.34p
Small 3.95p
Medium 4.51p
Large 3.69p
Very Large 4.11p
Average 4.18p

Based on the latest UK Government energy prices for Q4 2021, updated April 2022 (source: UK Government).

It’s important to remember that the averages prices are by no means the cheapest tariff prices available. If you’re currently paying more than the average prices, it’s likely you could make real savings by comparing business gas prices.

2021 Business Gas Prices - Excluding CCLPrices accurate as of 7th October 2021 according to the UK Government 

Business Gas Prices by Supplier

Business gas rates vary by supplier. There are some regional variances to gas prices depending on where in the UK your business premises is located.

With Business Electricity Prices, you can quickly compare a wide range of energy suppliers to find a great energy deal and switch to a more competitive business gas tariff.

Here, we’ve provided the latest average business gas from a selection of the UK’s leading business gas suppliers.

Supplier Price per kWh Daily Charge Annual Cost
CNG 4.22p 48p £1,243
Opus 4.31p 37p £1,213
British Gas 4.44p 46p £1,297
EDF 4.25p 25p £1,091
BG Lite 4.21p 45p £1,217
Octopus 4.38p 27p £1,194
Gazprom 4.05p 87p £1,350
Scottish Power 4.08p 25p £1,111
E.ON 4.43p 32p £1,223

Figures rounded to two decimal places. The example prices shown for a business using 25,000 kWh of gas per year.

Rates correct as of 5th July 2021 for a one-year fixed-term contract. Tariffs vary by region, business gas supplier, and could change at any time. 

How to switch business gas suppliers?

You can compare business gas prices in just 60 seconds. 

To get started, we just need the name and address of your business. We will then search our trusted panel of suppliers for the best deals.

For larger usage businesses, our experts can help you build a custom business gas deal that meets your exact requirements. We always beat the renewal offer from your current energy supplier and it's our mission to help your business save money.

Once you have selected a deal, you’re happy with, your dedicated account manager will start the process to switch business gas contract. We’ll keep you updated throughout your switch using our online Track My Switch tool.

Why Choose us for Your Business Gas Comparison?

It’s our goal to help you save as much as possible on your business energy bills. By comparing business gas prices with us, you can receive the following benefits.

1: Free No-obligation Quotes

It's quick and simple to save money on your business gas. Our comparison engine takes just 60 seconds and provides you with everything you need to select your new business gas supplier.

You’ll be provided with a range of competitive business energy quotes. We'll work with you to help secure the best business gas deal for you. 

2: Simple Switching Process

Once you’ve chosen the right deal for your business, we’ll take care of the entire switching process.

Once you have informed your old energy supplier that you intend to switch, we will manage all arrangements between your suppliers to make your switch hassle free.

3: Dedicated Account Managers

To make your switch even easier, you’ll be provided with a dedicated account manager. They will be your one point of contact throughout your switch.

They’ll look after your account and make sure you never overpay for business gas again. They will also be in touch once your renewal window opens. This ensure you are always getting a great deal on your business gas.

4: Great Savings

By switching with Business Electricity Prices, you will have access to great savings. We’ve helped UK save over £19.7 million on their business gas bills. On average, our typical gas customer saving is £386.

We’ll even be in touch with you towards the end of your contract to make sure you stay on the right tariff.

What happens when I switch business gas supplier? 

Once we start the switching process, your dedicated account manager will keep you updated with the switch. You will not lose any supply.

The process of switching gas supplier usually takes around 4-6 weeks. It may take longer if a new gas meter needs to be installed at your business premises. This may be the case if you're moving to a multi-site gas meter.

The rules for business energy suppliers are different from those for domestic suppliers. Business energy suppliers are only required to provide micro businesses with renewal letters. This means that if businesses don’t stay on top of their renewal dates, they could be left on uncompetitive rates.

If your business hasn’t switched suppliers for a few years, you may be overpaying for your business gas. The easiest way to find out if you’re overpaying is to run a business gas comparison.

What makes up my Business Gas Bill?

Once the factors above have been taken into account, your business gas rates will be broken down into two main charges. These are your unit rate (or price per kWh) and standing charges.

Your unit rate is how much you are charged for each unit of energy you use. This is charged in pence per kWh. Average business gas rates per kWh in 2021 is 2.058 pence per kWh.

Your standing charge is a set daily fee. This is paid regardless of how much energy you have used that day. A standing charge covers the cost of your gas supply.

You should also take into account the effect of taxes on your business gas bill. Businesses are required to pay VAT at a higher rate of 20%. On top of this, businesses must pay the Climate Change Levy (CCL). This is an environmental tax which is added to your bill.

It’s important to consider all costs before switching business gas. A tariff with a lower unit rate and a high standing charge could cost you more in the long term.

Our team will work with you to take all this into consideration when finding the best business gas deal for you. 

How to Choose the Right Business Gas Deal

Think about the way your business consumes energy. This could be how much energy you use, the type of energy you use, or when your business consumes energy.

If your business operates seasonally, a no standing charge tariff could offer the best savings. With a no standing charge tariff, you won’t be charged any fees when you are not using your business gas.

It’s important to consider your business needs before signing any business gas contracts.

You may get a better business gas deal by looking more closely at your unit rates. For example, a higher standing charge may offset any savings you make with cheaper unit rates.

Large businesses who consume more than 200,000 kWh of gas a year can often access exclusive deals. Due to the amount of energy used, large businesses need to access tariffs tailored to their needs.

At Business Electricity Prices, we have a large business team who are specialists in finding great deals for high energy consumption customers.

For small and micro business, finding business gas rates cheaper is the main goal. Several business gas suppliers offer deals specifically targeted to small businesses. These can include tariffs with a fully online service to reduce overheads and costs.


Business Gas Prices FAQs

  • When is the best time to switch business gas suppliers?

    You must be aware of your contract end date to avoid large commercial gas penalties. However, you can lock-in prices during your renewal window. This window often opens 12 months before the end of your business gas contracts. 

  • What if my business has more than one building?

    If your business operates across multiple locations, some suppliers may offer you a discount on your commercial gas.

    Our expert team can help you consolidate your billing and reduce your business gas costs if you have a multi-site business.

  • Do I have to pay a standing charge on my business gas?

    It is possible to get a contract for your business with no standing charge. This is not always the cheapest option due to higher unit prices on commercial gas, but it could be beneficial if your usage is low. For example, this could be a suitable choice for a business that closes during weekends or only runs seasonally.

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