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Businesses always want to save on costs. You try to save money on your electricity provider, your internet supplier – even the office teabags. However, many businesses never consider the hidden cost savings in their water use.

Medium sized businesses can expect to pay around £7,950 a year on their water use. In certain industries, such as farming and clothing production, it is likely to be much more. Despite these costs, many are still unaware that they can switch business water suppliers to reduce their bulls.

In this helpful guide, you will learn how easy it can be for your business to save money on water.

Top Tips for Saving Water at Your Business

The first step to saving money on your water bills is to find out if you are using water unnecessarily. Many businesses use far more water than they might have realised. Checking simple things like dripping taps, over-filling toilets and leaky washing machines can save a lot of wasted water.

There are easy tools and pieces of equipment to help reduce your business’ water consumption. Flush limiters reduce the amount of water wasted in a toilet flush. Water butts collect rainwater, allowing you to reduce your usage of bought water. Motion sensors can tell if taps have been left on.

Saving money on your business water can start with something as simple as not using too much of it.

How to Reduce Your Business Water Bills

Once you have checked over your business for any simple wastage, there are tips you can use to reduce the cost of the water you do use.

Being more efficient in your water consumption is the easiest way to save money. You can reduce costs by improving how you use your water. Insulating your pipes reduces the energy needed to heat water for radiators. Lower temperature settings on your dishwasher can be just as effective but use less water and energy.

Getting a smart meter can help you understand exactly how much you are spending on your water. They also provide accurate meter readings, so you aren’t overcharged by your supplier. Getting a handle on how and when you spend money on your water can help you reduce your bills.

Should you Switch Business Water Suppliers?

If you’ve taken steps to improve your water efficiency but are still spending too much on your bills, it may be time switch business water supplier.

Switching your business water supplier can save you significant amounts of money. Businesses that use a larger amount of water per year are likely to save even more. Signing up for a new supply contract – especially if you use a lot of water – can allow you to negotiate a much better deal.

Since 2017, businesses have been able to choose their water supplier, rather than having to use their local provider. This gives your business the power to get the deal that suits you.

How to Switch Business Water

At Business Electricity Prices, we specialise in finding the right deal for you to make the switching process as simple as possible.

All you need to get started is the name of your current supplier, your business address, and a few contact details. Our specialist team will then search for the best water prices available to your business.

If you choose to switch with us, we’ll even handle the entire switching process on your behalf, allowing you to sit back, relax, and save.

Businesses spending more than £1,000 per year on their water bills can even benefit from a free water audit when switching with us. Your water audit will analyse the way your water usage and carry out drainage checks to help you reduce your bills even further.

To find how much you could save by switching business water supplier, simply complete our quick water quote calculator.

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