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Updated: 27/10/2023

MPAN and MPRN numbers are used to record the energy consumption in your business. Each premises has its own unique numbers. They are often asked for to help confirm your location and supply details when you switch to a new energy supplier.

Never heard of them? Don’t panic. Our guide below explains what they are and why Business Electricity Prices may ask for them during your commercial switch.

What is an MPAN?

MPAN is an acronym for Meter Point Administration Number. It is sometimes referred to as an electric supply number or ‘S’ number. Each commercial electricity meter has its own unique MPAN.

MPAN numbers are 21-digits long. This includes the unique identifier, or core MPAN, which is 13-digits long, which is usually what you are asked to share. There is also an 8-digit ‘supply line’ included, this is displayed first.

The core MPAN includes a 2-digit Distributor ID, 8-digit unique identifier number, 2 more digits and a final check digit.

What is an MPRN?

An MPRN is a number assigned to each gas meter. It is also unique and sometimes referred to as an ‘M’ number. MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number.

MPRN numbers are up to 10-digits long.

How can I find my MPAN number?

The easiest way to find your MPAN number is to check a recent business electricity bill. On most bills, it will be in a box marked ‘supply number’.

If you don’t have a bill yet, you can contact your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) who can tell you. You can find your local DNO contact information at the Energy Networks Association.

How can I find my MPRN number?

Your MPRN will be displayed on your commercial gas bill. It will usually be in a box marked ‘Meter point reference number’. Not to be confused with your customer account number, which is assigned by your energy supplier.

In some cases, your MPRN number may be on your commercial gas meter.

If you don’t have a recent bill, you can find your MPRN by going to Find my Supplier. All you need is your commercial postcode.

Why am I being asked for an MPAN or MPRN?

MPAN and MPRN numbers are unique to your property. For this reason, they are the easiest way for energy suppliers to check they have the right information. They usually ask for them when you start a new contract or move into new premises. This assures you that you will be billed correctly against your meter.

What do the numbers in my MPAN mean?

Your MPAN is divided into your 8-digit supply line number and core MPAN.

Supply Line:

The two numbers that come after the ‘S’ at the beginning of your MPAN designate your profile class. Commercial meters are divided into four categories:

  • 00 Half-hourly;
  • 03 Non-Domestic Unrestricted;
  • 04 Non-Domestic Economy 7;
  • 05-08 Non-Domestic Maximum Demand

These categories determine how much energy you receive and can also indicate your tariff. Half-hourly meters are usually assigned to intensive energy-using companies. Non-Domestic Economy 7 meters indicate you will pay a cheaper rate at night and a more expensive rate during the day. Maximum Demand customers require the highest available supply of energy to their business premises.

Bear in mind, if your business operates from your home, you will likely have a domestic meter.

The next 3-digits are known as the Meter Time Switch Code. They refer to the number of registers your meter has.

The following 3-digits relate to the line loss factor. This identifies the costs that will be charged by your distribution centre for supplying to your premises.

Core MPAN:

The core MPAN, also known as the unique identifier, is 13 digits and made up of three parts.

The first 2 digits signify the local distribution network which provides your electricity. This is known as the distributor ID.

The next 8 digits are the meter ID, they used to identify the location of your meter.

The final 3 digits are called the check digits. They are used to verify your meter, based on the distributor and meter id numbers.

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