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Who Is My Business Water Supplier?

Many companies are not aware that they are able to switch business water supplier. The deregulation of business water in 2017 has created mass confusion. With the new knowledge of being able to switch business water, many are left wondering who their current water supplier is.

At Business Electricity Prices, we clear up the confusion around commercial water suppliers. Our experts have compiled some shortcuts for business owners who want to better understand their business water. Keep reading to discover how to find out your water supplier.

How Do I Find Out Who Supplies My Water?

The government deregulated water to allow consumers to choose their own suppliers. Now, business owners can choose which supplier they receive water from, just as they choose their suppliers for energy. 

When the water market became deregulated, business customers were automatically transferred to the nearest water retailer in their region. This means that lots of business owners are with suppliers that are over charging them, but it also means there's plenty of opportunity to save money on business water by switching suppliers.

Despite Ofwat’s attempts to give consumers more freedom, the deregulation of water has proven confusing. Taking a look at your most recent business water bill should shine some light on who your business water supplier is.

Having a recent water bill to hand will also help when it comes to switching as it will provide some useful information on business water usage and an up to date meter reading.

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Am I Eligible to Switch Suppliers? 

All companies with premises in England or Scotland is eligible to switch business water supplier. However, there a couple of caveats to that:

  • Business owners must own dedicated premises that are used for business purposes
  • Businesses that are located in Wales must use a minimum of 50 megalitres of water per year

If your business address in England or Scotland, you are able to switch business water. However, if you have multiple locations across the UK that includes Wales, you will have to have a separate business water bill under regulation. This does not mean you cannot become more water efficient to save money across all business premises.

What are the benefits of switching business water supplier?

Switching water and wastewater services means you can benefit from:

  • better customer service
  • tailored business water contracts
  • advice on saving water and water audits to help water efficiency
  • cheaper business water prices
  • you will still benefit from the same water quality.

Current you can only switch business water. The non-domestic water market has not been deregulated.

How Much Can I Save When I Switch?

This largely depends on the company. The easiest way to save money on business water is to switch water companies. However, larger savings are up for grabs with a water audit is conducted to identify opportunities to become more water efficient at each registered office.

Switching water suppliers is just as easy as the energy market. Simply take an up to date meter reading, compare business water prices and switch to your new water provider to start saving on business water bills.

Changing water supplier can reduce your water costs by up to 12%. Some business water providers offer discounts if you choose to pay via direct debit.

Business Electricity Prices offer a free professional water audit for business customers that spend over £1,000 on annual energy. This audit includes usage and consumption inspections as well as drainage, sewer, and sanitary checks. Visit Love Energy Savings and see how much you could save on your water bill today. 

Business Water FAQs

  • Does business water include wastewater services?

    Yes. If you switch water supplier, this includes wastewater.

    Wastewater refers to domestic waste from human processes such as using the toilet, washing hands, or running a dishwasher. This is included with your water consumption on your water bills.

  • What does a water audit include?

    A water audit includes a full analysis of the businesses water consumption, water bills, sewerage services and water meter. Essentially, the audit will identity any opportunities to save money on business water. You will then be presented with a report listing all potential improvements with a potential saving amount if each opportunity was implemented.

    The report is designed so that the smaller things can be addresses quickly and anything requiring investment can be implemented over a period of time.

    You can conduct your own business water audit but it may not be as in-depth as a professional audit. Bringing someone in will likely result in better water efficiency and will save time so you can continue to do what you do best.

  • Will my water supply be affected?

    Switching supplier does not affect your water supply. You are only changing your retail supplier and not the actual pipes delivering your water services. This means your business will not be without water.

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