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Business Electricity Meter Installation

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If you require a new business electricity meter, it’s vital the process is completed quickly and professionally. At Business Electricity Prices, we offer a full business electricity meter installation process, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our connections team can install your new business electricity meter in as little as 2 weeks. When you switch energy with us, you can even benefit from free installation.

Starting your meter installation with us couldn’t be easier. All we need is a few details about your business to get started. You’ll then be provided with a dedicated account manager who will manage the entire meter installation process on your behalf.

What’s Involved in the Electricity Meter Installation Process?

At Business Electricity Prices, we aim to make the process of installing your new commercial electricity meter as easy as possible. Your dedicated account manager will be available to keep you up to date and answer any questions you have on the process.

You can receive specialist advice from our connections experts on selecting the right type of meter to keep your business electricity bills as low as possible.

We’ll aim to complete your commercial electricity meter installation in 3 simple steps.

Requesting Your New Electricity Meter

All you need to do to request your new business electricity meter is provide a few details about your business and your contact details. Our connections experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Understanding Your Requirements

Before starting the installation process our connections experts will discuss your requirements with you. This can involve advising on the right type of meter, exploring any potential complications, and providing you with a timeline for your installation.

Installing Your Commercial Electricity Meter

Once we have this information, your commercial electricity meter installation can be completed. Our connections experts will also be available to advise on any site works necessary at your premises. If you’re installing a brand-new connection, we can help you arrange a quote from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Why Complete Your Meter Installation with Business Electricity Prices?

  • Receive a free installation service when you switch with us.
  • Stay up to date with advice from your dedicated account manager.
  • Choose from a full selection of commercial electricity meters.
  • Complete your meter installation in as little as 2 weeks.

Choosing the Right Business Electricity Meter

Your meter type is one of the most important things to consider during the installation process. The way your business operates will affect which business electricity meter meets your needs. You’ll need to consider your business size, energy usage, and operating hours.

With Business Electricity Prices, you can choose from all types of business energy meter. If you’re unsure which meter is right for your business, our connections team can provide the advice you need.

In most cases, businesses will choose from the following meter types.

Standard Meters

Standard, single-rate meters will charge usage at a flat rate. If your business uses most of its energy during peak hours, this will likely be the right meter for you.

The drawback of most standard meters is that you will be required to submit your meter readings manually. You may also receive estimated billing which can make it difficult to keep track of your business electricity usage.

Smart Meters

Smart electricity meters are one of the most popular meter choices for businesses. A smart meter removes the need for estimated billing by providing automatic, accurate readings directly to your supplier.

Business smart meters can often be installed free of charge as the setup costs are covered by your energy supplier.

Multi-Rate Meters

Multi-rate electricity meters offer two or three different unit rates depending on the time of day. A two-rate meter will usually offer a day rate and a cheaper evening rate; with three-rate meters offering an additional weekend unit rate.

Businesses such as restaurants, pubs, or takeaways that use most of their energy outside of peak hours can often save money by switching to a multi-rate electricity meter. However, you should be aware that energy used at peak times will often be charged at a higher rate than on standard tariffs.

Half Hourly Meters

If your business uses 100,000 kWh of electricity each year, you will be required to install a half hourly meter. As the name suggests, half hourly meters submit automatic meter readings to your supplier every half hour.

By installing a half hourly meter, you will receive the most accurate billing available. You can also benefit from much more in-depth consumption data than a regular smart meter.

Businesses that use more than 70,000 kWh also have the option of switching to half hourly meter.

Business Electricity Meter Installation FAQs

  • Why do I need my MPAN to install a new electricity meter?

    MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. This is a unique number assigned to your electricity meter and used by your supplier to determine your rates. If you’re replacing your current meter, you will be required to submit your MPAN at the start of the process.

    If you don’t yet have a connection at your premises, you should contact your DNO. The DNO will create your connection and provide you with your MPAN. At Business Electricity Prices, we can provide advice on arranging your new connection and requesting a quote from the DNO.

  • Am I required to appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC)?

    Businesses with a half hourly electricity meter are legally required to appoint a meter operator and data collector. Your MOP covers meter maintenance, fault fixing, and the telecommunication infrastructure required to supply your consumption data to your energy provider.

    At Business Electricity Prices, we can appoint an MOP on your behalf. We work with one of the UK’s largest energy data management providers giving you access to a wide range of meter operators. Our connections expert can often secure a MOP contract at a much lower cost than a business’ energy supplier.

  • How long will my business electricity meter installation take?

    With Business Electricity Prices, your meter installation can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. However, meters for larger business or installation requiring complicated site works can take longer. Your account manager will keep you updated on the process of your meter installation.

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