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Business Gas Meter Installation

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Our expert connections team can install a new business gas meter within just 2 weeks. Whether you are moving into a brand-new building or renovating your premises. Our team can work with you to ensure a speedy setup.

We’ll be transparent with project timescales and work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly, using specialist Gas Safe engineers.

We will just need a few details to get started.

What happens during the gas meter installation process?

Understanding your needs

We will get in touch with you to discuss your project once you have sent us an enquiry. We will explore any potential complications that could potentially delay the installation and help you decide which business gas meter is better for you. Different companies will benefit from certain types of gas meters – we will always aim to help you save on your gas bills.

The gas meter installation

In most cases, we will be able to complete your business gas meter installation within 2 weeks. In some cases, the installation may take longer. Our connections team will always be transparent with timescales to ensure a fast and smooth installation. We will send our Gas Safe installer to your premises at an agreed time to complete the work.

Why choose Business Electricity Prices?

  • Speedy gas meter installations by Gas Safe installers.
  • Free business gas meter installation when you switch tariffs with us.
  • We use the latest metering technology to ensure accurate billing.
  • We can offer start to finish services when installing your new gas meter.

What business gas meter should I get?

Each gas meter offers benefits for different industries and businesses. Our advisors will help you choose a meter that is likely to save you the largest amount of money on your gas bills.

Smart Gas Meters

These are currently the most popular meters for businesses. They offer accurate meter readings that are automatically sent to your supplier.

Standard Gas Meters

Standard meters measure unit rates against your usage. The cost is the same for every unit of energy used if you’re on a fixed rate tariff. You will have to submit regular gas meter readings to ensure accurate billing.

Mult-rate meters

Multi-rate meters offer two or three different unit rates depending on the time of day. Two-rate meters usually charge a cheaper rate in the evenings. Three-rate meters are similar with the addition of a separate weekend rate. These meters are popular with restaurants, pubs and other late-night businesses. Specific times are set by each supplier and largely depend on which part of the country your business operates in.


  • What can delay my business gas meter installation?

    When there is a delay in installing a business gas meter, it usually means there’s a large amount of site work that needs to be completed. To ensure a speedy installation, our team can get involved in any site works to avoid any long lead times.

  • What information do I need for a new business gas meter installation?

    We will need your MPRN number and the pressure of the service installed. You can retrieve this information from the Distribution Network Operator or the end of your supply pipe.

  • What is an MPAN Number?

    A Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), also recognised as your Gas Supply Number is a unique number for your building’s gas meter.

    You can read more about MPAN numbers here.

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