Guide to EDF Business Options

The French owned company EDF is a business energy supplier for UK businesses for electricity and gas. Here’s our impartial review of their tariffs available and whether they’re right for you.

EDF offers SMEs and large corporations a variety of options when quoting for new business. These branded products split usage depending on the peak load demand during the 7 day week. EDF mainly use nuclear power to generate their energy which may be a positive reason to choose them.

Their fuel mix is shown in the graph below where nuclear makes up 69.1% of their power provision versus the UK average of 19.1%. EDF natural gas usage is minimal at just 0.1% against the average of all power companies of 40.7%.

EDF Energy Mix of Fuels

Choosing Your Meter Type

You can choose to select the type of meter you have installed in your premises with EDF to take advantage of lower tariffs. Although this is available with the other energy providers it’s not normally something they advertise.

With EDF they positively promote correct meter usage. For a small charge they will change your meter to align your usage during the week with the best available tariff.

These are the types of meters available for most businesses:

  • Standard Meters: This is suitable if you use most energy during normal business hours which EDF defines as from Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm GMT.
  • Economy 7 Meters: If you use most of your electricity during the night-time period then you can save with the economy 7 rates. The economy 7 period is defined between 12am and 8am GMT
  • Evenings and Weekends: If you’re a business that operates mainly during the evening period or the weekend then this tariff option could be for you.

Business First Contracts

EDF LogoAfter you have the correct meter installed, you can select the correct tariff. There are three tariff options within in the “Business First” product portfolio that EDF offer.

All products include pricing reviews, a range of fixed priced contract lengths together with dedicated business advisers to help with energy efficiency.

All tariffs offer an additional 2% discount if you opt to pay by monthly direct debit.

You can select between one and three year contracts on fixed terms. There is always a premium for fixing business electricity rates over the longer term but will aid budgeting and protects you from future price increases.

The product portfolio from EDF:

Super Saver Tariff

The EDF standard tariff targeted at the majority of SME businesses has fixed prices for the duration of the contract term. You can choose one, two or three year terms. There is a monthly, rather than daily, standing charge.

Energy Saver Tariff

The Energy Saver tariff offers the same benefits as Super Saver without any standing charges. This is one of just a few tariffs that don’t charge a fixed daily or monthly fee in the UK.. This is most suitable if you’re a low user of energy.

Green Saver Tariff

As the name suggests, the Green Saver Tariff is a green product using energy from alternative sources. Businesses on this tariff are not charged the Climate Change Levy (CCL). You’ll also receive communication materials and certificates of your commitment to using renewable energy.

Additional Benefits for EDF Customers

In line with their competitors EDF provide helpful information and guidance on reducing general energy consumption. Their tips can be implemented for a low investment and have an almost immediate payback. This information either comes in the form of online guides or direct from their business advisor team.

By reducing consumption you’ll also reduce the amount you pay and reduce your carbon footprint for standard tariffs. Research shows that companies involved with these schemes can save 10%-15% on an annual basis. This could mean savings of ¬£250 for an average bill each year.

EDF allows businesses to get online quotes or from their energy team via the telephone. You also receive online account management to submit meter readings and ensure the accuracy of your bills.

Our view of EDF

Although EDF prices are not the most competitive you should ensure you get a quote to compare with the other players. If you would like to compare EDF pricing for your business then please contact us or complete our online form.

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