Review of Eon Business Energy Options

Eon supply all types of businesses with electric and gas energy services mainly on fixed priced contracts. Here’s our review on what’s on offer for UK businesses.

Being one of the UK’s largest energy providers Eon currently supplies over 500,000 business customers. For small business owners with an annual consumption level below 100,000 kWh, tariffs are geared towards one or three yearly fixed priced contracts.

Information about the Company

Eon LogoThe UK division was morphed out of the old “PowerGen” organisation that supplied the Midlands region in the UK. It is now part of the German owned Eon Corporation and now supplies any customer in any region.

The company generate their own power through coal fired generators together with various offshore wind farms for their renewable energy commitment.

They are one of the few companies that place a contract end date on business invoices which is key to avoid so called roll over contracts. Their fuel mix relies mostly on gas fired power stations at 49% of their generation against a UK average of 40% as shown in the graphic below.

Eon Fuel Mix

Types of Tariffs on Offer

Much like the other energy companies comparing prices for business energy supplies is more complex than domestic properties. It’s always best to compare prices from at least the big 6 power companies using a comparison service or broker. Eon do offer an online pricing and online switching service.

For business electricity and gas customers the following are available:

  • Fixed priced contracts for unit prices and standing charges. Variable rates are generally not offered to small business although larger corporations may be able to negotiate variable pricing contracts.
  • Guaranteed pricing for the length of the contract means your bills will not increase due to pricing alone.
  • One year or three year contract lengths are available. The standard offering is for 12 months with fixed prices.
  • You can access to cheaper prices when purchased online via their internet site.
  • Additional discounts are always offered if you pay via monthly direct debit rather than pay when you receive your invoice.
  • Free access to their energy savings advice website which could save up to 20% per year through reduced consumption.
  • UK based call centres with knowledgeable business advisors if you require additional help and information about the best deals.
  • Contract end dates are now featured on all invoices so you can terminate your contract in good time to avoid roll over contract increases.
  • Reduced invoicing errors through improved billing software meaning more accurate bills and less over charging.
  • Free smart meters for qualified customers if you don’t already have a half hourly meter. These will help provide data on your usage to monitor through energy management software.
  • Regular reviews of direct debits to align your account with fair usage policies.
  • Clear and simple invoices for all businesses to help you understand your invoicing faster.

Business Gas Tariffs

The same strengths outlined above apply for Eon Business Gas tariffs as well. You receive all the benefits of a forward thinking company and are able to obtain gas prices from their website. Similar contract lengths and terms are offered for gas in line with their electric tariffs.

Other Benefits of Choosing Eon

The competitive nature of the UK energy industry ensures that each company is committed to competing for your business. Business customers are generally easier to service than residential and you’ll receive additional benefits to make informed decisions. Apart from competitive pricing and invoicing improvements you’ll also receive the following support options:

  • A named dedicated business account manager to manage your switching process from your current supplier.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Access to an integrated energy provider. Eon generate and supply electricity in the UK.
  • Access to green renewable electricity options
  • Free smart meters to monitor and help reduce consumption levels.

You also receive a “price promise” on any quotes supplied although there are some exclusions. If you feel you need to operate the promise guaranteed you need to communicate this within three working days. The promise for business customers only is as follows:

  • Eon will offer your business the cheapest available quote from their system. If you receive a cheaper quote from one of their competitors within three days you get £50. Although this is of limited value in real terms we believe it incentivises the company to provide excellent prices.
  • To offer you flexible dates to start and finish any contract you sign.
  • To provide fixed prices which will not increase (or decrease) during your contract term.

Business Green Tariff

100% green renewable energy contracts are also available for businesses. The tariff is branded “EasyGreen” and is partly generated from their renewable energy platform. Energy not provided from renewable sources is offset via their “climate care” programme. This ensures they match non-renewable supplies with renewable sources. This tariff is currently only available for one year at fixed prices which are slightly higher than their standard tariff.

Our view of Eon’s Business Products

We rate Eon for business 10/10 for their commitment to the SME market. They offer some of the lowest prices in the industry especially to current British Gas customers wanting to switch.

At BusinessElectricityPrices we also have exclusive access to their direct tariff. So if you are looking for a quote this year complete our online form or call us direct to get the best deal.

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