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E.ON Business Electricity Tariffs Guide

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We help thousands of businesses each year reduce their business electricity bills.

Our free impartial service allows you to find the most competitive tariffs on the market in seconds.

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E.ON is one of the UK’s Big Six energy suppliers. They provide gas and electricity to over 500,000 businesses in the UK.

E.ON is committed to providing businesses of all sizes with the energy they need.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, E.ON can offer you a suitable contract for your business energy.

Introduction to E.ON

Founded in 2000, E.ON has built a reputation for providing gas and electricity to both businesses and homes. With over 3.8 million customers, E.ON is one of the largest energy providers in the UK.

The company owned the first offshore wind farm in the UK. They continue to invest in renewable energy sources to help preserve the environment.

E.ON business electricity tariffs and prices

E.ON has several business gas and electricity plans available for businesses. These include fixed rate and variable rate tariffs, multi-purchase and flex contracts.

They have energy plans targeted at small, medium and large companies. Plus, offer help with risk and energy management.

For business electricity and gas customers, the following are available:

  • Fixed priced contracts for unit prices and standing charges. Variable rates are generally not offered to small business. However, corporations may be able to negotiate variable pricing contracts.
  • Guaranteed pricing for the length of the contract means your bills won’t increase due to price changes.
  • One-year or three-year contract lengths are available. The standard offering is for 12 months with fixed prices.
  • You can access lower prices when purchased online.
  • Additional discounts if you pay via monthly direct debit rather than on receipt.
  • Free access to their energy savings advice website. Changes could save you up to 20% per year on reduced consumption.
  • Contract end dates on all invoices. So you can terminate your contract in good time to avoid rollover contracts.
  • Free smart meters for customers, if you don’t have a half hourly meter. Meters help provide data on your usage through energy management software.
  • Regular review of direct debits to align your account with fair usage policies.
  • Clear and simple invoices to help you understand your bills faster.

Compare E.ON energy tariffs with Business Electricity Prices

Thinking of switching to an E.ON business energy tariff? We can help you compare energy prices. We guarantee to find the best deal for your business electricity and gas.

With our free online comparison tool, comparing tariffs is easy. Enter your business’ postcode and contact information. After answering a few details on your business energy needs, you’ll receive your free quote.

The easy way to switch to an E.ON business tariff

Switching to an E.ON energy tariff couldn’t be easier with Business Electricity Prices. Once you’ve chosen your tariff, we’ll manage your switching process and guide you all the way through.

We’ll get in touch with both your old and new business energy suppliers. We make sure the switch runs seamlessly, without any disruptions or issues.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your switch, one of our energy experts will be on hand to help.

What else can E.ON offer my business?

E.ON offer a great range of business energy tariffs. But they also provide several services to help you get the best from your business energy contract.

E.ON’s contracts allow you to have all or some of your business’ third-party costs passed through on your invoice or agreed upfront. They’ll also provide you with advice on Feed-in-Tariffs (now Smart Export Guarantee) if you have on-site renewables.

The supplier aims to help businesses meet their carbon reduction targets through their Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) backed solutions. This includes heat pumps, EV charging and district heating, which help to improve efficiency, generate cleaner air, and cut business costs.

What happens if my E.ON contract is up for renewal?

In accordance with regulations set out by Ofgem, E.ON must send micro businesses a renewal letter. This must be received three months before the business energy contract’s end date. However, if your company is not a micro business, the onus is on you to remember when your contract ends.

The renewal letter will include the rollover rates for your new contract. These will apply if you choose to stay with your current supplier. It will also detail the out of contract rates if you fail to terminate or renew in time.

Both the rollover and out of contract rates will be expensive. That is why we recommend you compare energy prices and get a new tariff once your contract ends.

E.ON Fuel Mix & Green Performance

It is critical to combat climate change and preserve the earth. Sustainability and green credentials are key focuses for both businesses and consumers around the world.

E.ON is committed to supporting these objectives. It has shown dedication by investing £9 billion in renewable energy. They match electricity, used by both residential and business customers, with renewable energy sources. This includes wind, biomass and solar power.

As of January 2020, all the supplier’s non-half hourly fixed business plans use 100% renewable electricity.

Below is an outline of E.ON’s fuel mix:

  • Coal – 3.7%
  • Gas – 42.2%
  • Nuclear – 4.8%
  • Renewables – 46.3%
  • Other sources – 3%

Compare E.ON prices online with Business Electricity Prices

Thinking of switching to an E.ON business energy tariff? Try our free online comparison tool. Get a quick and easy comparison of a wide range of business energy deals.

All you have to do is enter your business’ postcode, contact details and energy needs. You’ll receive your free quote in a matter of seconds.

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