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Business Water Suppliers Guide

Business Water Suppliers Guide

Since April 2017, businesses and certain commercial properties in England and Scotland can perform a business water comparison. Currently, domestic customers are not able to change water supplier.

For Welsh businesses, usage must be at least 50 million litres per year to switch. This means most businesses in Wales must stick with their existing water supplier.

Our mission is to ensure our customers save as much money as possible. So we are now offering our expertise in switching utilities for business water too.

We have put together this commercial water suppliers guide to highlight reliable and registered suppliers.

What are the benefits of switching business water supplier?

There are many of benefits of switching to a new commercial water supplier. In some cases, you may be able to benefit from a more affordable deal, with reduced water or wastewater rates. Some commercial water companies offer support to help your business manage your overall water usage. This can help you reduce your commercial water bills. 

You may also be able to access new services, such as consolidated bills or streamlining or your usage. Some business water customers may decide to switch to access improved customer service, we have included available customer service performance on the water retailers listed below.

Could you save by switching business water supplier?

Take advantage of the new deregulation and see how much you can save on your water bills. Complete the form below to receive the latest prices.

Water suppliers in England

Castle Water

Castle Water has more than 350,000 commercial clients, delivering water and wastewater services to a wide range of companies and organisations across the UK. From microbusinesses to large corporations, they offer a range of water and sewage services available to any non-residential property. Their existing customers include Motherwell Football Club, the University of Central Lancashire and Swindon Borough Council.

Established in 2014, they offer a dedicated customer service team to give advice to commercial clients on everything from trade effluent to standby water. They provide water efficiency services, including access to fully vetted industry-leading third-party partners who can support large and multi-site operators.

Areas covered: Castle Water provide water supply and wastewater services to businesses, charities and public service organisations in England and Scotland.

Customer feedback: Castle Water averaged a performance rating of 82% in MOSL’s 2020 review. The company has one of the highest ratings on Trustpilot of any water retailer, scoring 4.5 of 5 stars based on over 10,000 reviews.

Everflow Water

One of the UK’s fastest-growing water supplier, offering water and sewage services to businesses and organisations of all sizes across Scotland and England. Customers can save an average of £150 each year by switching to Everflow Water.

Like others in the market, they are supportive of strategies to help customers reduce their water waste and improve efficiency. They offer free risks assessments and audit support from their headquarters in Tees Valley in the north-east of England. The company also has a strong commitment to social responsibility, they build a well in a deprived community for every 250 customers who switch to their water services.

Areas covered: Everflow Water supply water and wastewater services to businesses, charities and public service organisations in England and Scotland.

Customer feedback: Everflow Water has a performance rating of 53.39% take from the MOSL 2020 review of the retail water market. They have a rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on Trustpilot, based on over 480 reviews.

Clear Business Water

This is one of the best-established water providers, operating since 2013. It is licensed to provide water supply and wastewater removal retail services to businesses. The company now covers around 27% of the Scottish commercial market. Primarily, Clear Business Water focuses on SMEs and microbusinesses. 

They offer low prices and account streamlining services. Clear Business Water have a 30-day price match guarantee. Customers that receive a better deal within 30 days will have that offer beaten.

Areas covered: Clear Business Water is the largest independent water supplier in Scotland and has recently entered the English water market.

Customer feedback: Clear Business Water have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. This rating is based on over 3,000 reviews to date.

Regent Water

Also known as Regent Utilities is a subsidiary of Regent Utilities, established in 2016. They offer water, waste water and trade effluent services, through third-party intermediaries. Perhaps for this reason, their online footprint is relatively small in comparison to other water retailers. 

Regent Water describe themselves as focussed on customer service and have developed relationships with all the major water wholesalers in England and Scotland, which enables them to offer competitive discounts. They also offer flexible payment options and consolidated bills for multi-site operators.

Areas covered: Regent Water operates cross border in England and Scotland. They also have a licence to operate in Wales, but don’t yet do so.

Customer feedback: Regent Water’s parent company has a Trustpilot page, but has only received one review to date.

Olympos Water

Based in Lancashire, Olympos Water is a subsidiary of Multi Utility UK Group (MUUK). The company was founded to deliver specialist water and waste water services to new development companies working throughout England, as a complimentary component to their network design and construction projects.

As well as providing water utility set up for building contractors, they also have a switching service. Olympos offer water audit services as well as offering an extensive range of water saving advice and products to customers.

Areas covered: Olympos Water offers services to national and regional developers across England.

Customer feedback: Olympos does not appear on the MOSL performance pages and does not have its own Trustpilot page.


In just a few years, Waterscan have become the licenced water retailer for thousands of companies with premises in England, including John Lewis, Sainsburys and Coca Cola. By combining water procurement and self-supply options for customers, they allow their commercial clients to take greater ownership of their water needs and behave more sustainably.

Waterscan have a holistic approach to water management, as well as ensuring a regular supply and excellent customer service, they help clients proactively address risks and develop water reduction targets.

Areas covered: Waterscan works with business and non-residential customers across England.

Customer feedback: Waterscan have positive testimonials from a range of corporate clients including Greene King, Coca Cola and Marston’s.

First Business Water

First Business Water is an OFWAT-licenced water company operating in the English water retail market. They supply water and waste water services to provide customised offers to commercial clients.

Their focus is on delivering exemplary customer services, as well as encouraging and supporting businesses to reduce their water usage. You can access water charges and water audit services through the company.

First Business Water offers a range of contracts, including wholesale tracking products, which link to the prices each regional water wholesaler provides each year. That guarantees that you should be on a low-cost tariff for your business.

Prices for each First Business Water customer are bespoke and transparent. However, companies in certain sectors can access prices set by OFWAT.

Areas covered: First Business Water operates across England.

Customer feedback: MOSL, the market operator for England, reported First Business Water’s performance as averaging around 87% based on customer feedback.

Yu Water

Yu Water was formed to provide a complimentary service to the company’s existing electricity and gas retail wing. Businesses of all sizes interested in combining their utilities to pay a consolidated bill to one provider may be drawn to Yu.

Many water companies pay lip service to customer service, but Yu Water has invested in initiatives designed to improve communication and problem resolution. The average call to Yu Water is answered within three rings and each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager.

Areas covered: Yu Water can supply water to business owners in England who have an existing water and sewerage services from another water retailer. They also supply in Wales, but only if the company uses more than 50,000 cubic metres of water each year.

Customer feedback: Yu Water’s parent company, Yu Energy has over 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 4.3 stars. It is important to note that this does not relate specifically to their retail water offering.

Advanced Demand Side Management (ADSM)

ADSM is an award-winning sustainable water solutions provider, offering water supply and waste water services. Targeting mainly corporate and large-scale public sector contracts, including the Department of Education, Heathrow Airport and Ashfield District Council.

ADSM offer a range of water management services that aim to help save customers money on their commercial water bills. They provide site surveys and free benchmarking reports. You can also benefit from smart tech services, including supply and installation of equipment and water saving training for your staff.

Areas covered: ADSM can supply water to companies across England.

Customer feedback: MOSL, the market operator for England, reported ADSM’s performance as averaging around 90% based on customer feedback during 2020.


Wave was formed as a joint venture between established water retailers Anglian Water Business and NWG Business. They began serving the Scottish market after deregulation in 2008 and later moved onto the English market.

They currently serve over 300,000 organisations, from small microbusinesses to public sector organisations and large businesses. Their services include water efficiency services, leak detection support and bespoke solutions designed on business water usage. Multi-site and consolidated account options benefitting from e-billing are also available.

Areas covered: Waves offers services in Scotland and England.

Customer feedback: MOSL, the market operator for England, monitors retail water suppliers. In 2020, Wave’s performance averaged around 92% based on customer feedback. Their Trustpilot page has over 500 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars.

Business Stream

Business Stream has over thirteen years’ experience in the retail water market. Their niche is to support customers to reduce their business water bills, they claim to have delivered over £100 million in savings since their inception. That equates to over 83,000 tonnes in reduce carbon emissions. Current clients include House of Fraser, EDF and the Scottish Prison Service.

As well as providing water supply, Business Stream help companies manage trade effluent consent compliance and alternative water source options. They also offer pipeline infrastructure services to ensure that you are not losing water and your system can manage your water demands safely and efficiently.

Areas covered: Operate across Scotland and England since deregulation, as well as to companies in Wales.

Customer feedback: According to MOSL’s 2020 review, Business Stream achieved 88% based on 2020 performance. Business Stream’s Trustpilot account has over 1,200 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars which is an ‘Excellent’ ranking. To date, they have won 15 awards for customer service.

SES Business Water

For companies looking to simplify their business water utilities, SES Business Water is well worth considering. Water management accounts are available online, and customers can benefit from consolidated invoices as well as smart technology-led meter readings to improve the accuracy of bills.

Headquartered in Dorking, SES Business Water operates with both small and large businesses, with the promise to provide improved customer service and reduced utility costs. The customer service team are all based in the UK and a fully online e-billing platform.

Areas covered: SES Business Water is active in the Scottish, Welsh and English water retail markets.

Customer feedback: According to MOSL’s 2020 review, SES Business Water has a score of 88.3% based on 2020 performance. SES Business Water has a Trustpilot account, but it does not appear to have been claimed by the company. The page has 18 reviews and a poor rating of 2 of 5 stars.

The Water Retail Company

The Water Retail Company is one of the newest entrants to the commercial water sector. They boast competitive prices and a team with long-term water engineering expertise that can support your business to reduce water consumption.

Services offered by the company include bespoke water efficiency programmes designed for customers with significant water usage. The company has established a close working relationship with the water regulator for England and has expertise in legislation related to the water retail market which allows them to offer individualised advice and guidance.

Areas covered: The Water Retail Company is available as a water retail supplier - to large and multi-site customers only - in England.

Customer feedback: In MOSL’s 2020 review, Water Retail Company has a score of 70.6% based on 2020 performance. The Water Retail Company does not currently have a Trustpilot account.


ConservAqua Ltd are a sustainable business water retailer. They provide tailor-made services including; bespoke billing services, smart meter reading and dedicated account management. They work with medium and high water consumption companies across England.

Each ConservAqua customer is assigned their own experienced water architect to support in improving water efficiency. Tools provided include transparent billing using the latest monitoring technology and expert billing audit services, of both past and historic records.

Areas covered: ConservAqua Ltd is available as a water retail supplier - to large and medium water use companies and organisations - in England.

Customer feedback: In MOSL’s 2020 review, ConservAqua Ltd has a score of 79.4% based on 2020 performance. The company has a rating of 3.8 of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on two reviews.

Veolia Water

Veolia Water provides a range of water and wastewater services to non-household customers. They launched in Scotland in 2013 and opened up to English and Welsh customers in 2017. The company claim to deliver average carbon savings of 20% and cost savings of up to 20%.

Veolia offer a range of services including water and sewage, smart water systems, water and wastewater treatment. They also provide clear and transparent billing and responsive customer service. Each new client is assigned an onboarding team member to introduce you to their products and services and ensure you remain on the best value tariff.

Areas covered: Veolia Water provide water supply and wastewater services to non-household customers in England, Wales and Scotland.

Customer feedback: Veolia Water did not appear in MOSL’s 2020 review. The company has a low rating of 1.6 of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 240 reviews, but the majority of the reviews refer to their commercial waste collection company services.

Source for Business

Source for Business is the trading name of Pennon Water Services Ltd; a company combining Pennon Group Plc and South Staffordshire Plc. Both the founding companies have over two decades’ experience in the regulated water sector.

To date, the company has over 160,000 commercial customer contracts, providing reliable water and wastewater services, as well as individualised advice and support to reduce water consumption. For example, Source for Business worked with Devon County Showground to reduce their annual water bill. They were able to secure the company with a reduced bill of over £50,000 per year and arranged for reimbursement for overpayment in previous years.

Areas covered: Operate across England and Wales since deregulation.

Customer feedback: According to MOSL’s 2020 review, Source for Business (listed as Pennon Water Services) achieved 80.66% based on 2020 performance. The Source for Business Trustpilot account has over 830 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars which is an ‘Excellent’ ranking. To date, they have won 15 awards for customer service.

Smarta Water

Smarta Water Ltd aim to provide sustainable and cost effective services for water and wastewater customers. They are not affiliated to any of the UK’s water wholesalers which allows them to independently seek the best deal for customers. From microbusinesses to multi-site operators requiring consolidated billing. Merging your accounts with Smarta Water Ltd could reduce your overall costs and simplify your overhead management.

Headquartered in Leeds, the company aims to provide bespoke and tailored solutions for each customer. Alongside water and sewage services, they offer support for disposing of trade effluent safely and affordably, alongside automated meter readings and smart utility management systems. 

Areas covered: Smarta Water is an independent water supplier across Scotland and England.

Customer feedback: Smarta Water doesn’t have a Trustpilot account at the time of writing. However, they do have a rating of 65% classifying their performance during 2020, taken from the MOSL water retail market performance report.

Water 2 Business

Water 2 Business Ltd was established as a joint venture by Bristol Water and Wessex Water. They are an award-winning company, named Water Retailer of the Year at the 2019 Water Industry Awards. From small businesses like Shell Bay restaurant on the Isle of Purbeck to major organisations like Avon Fire Rescue and Coombe Fisheries in the south of England – no matter the industry or scope of your water use, Water 2 Business can help reduce your annual water bills.


Water 2 Business offer expert advice to help commercial clients reduce costs or detect and repairing leaks on premises. They can monitor trade effluent and advise on consent needs as well as provide guidance on grey water recycling.

Areas covered: Water 2 Business operates across England.

Customer feedback: MOSL, the market operator for England, reported Water 2 Business performance as averaging around 73.66% during 2020. The company also has a Trustpilot account with just below 400 reviews and an ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.9 stars. 

Following the annual non-household water customer complaints report published by the Consumer Council for Water, Water 2 Business achieved the lowest level of complaints in the industry for the third year running, reducing complaint volumes by 37% during 2020.

Water Plus

Water Plus is the UK’s largest retailer water supplier that has over 360,000 commercial and other non-residential customers. A third of English businesses are a customer of Water Plus.

They work with companies and organisations from across the public and private sectors, including agriculture, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. With no maximum annual water usage, from the largest multi-site major water users to the smallest SMEs and microbusinesses. 

Water Plus aim to help reduce energy bills whatever the size of your business. Offering simplified billing and a variety of fixed and flexible tariff options, they can help you make sure you are on a great deal for your water usage.

Areas covered: Water Plus provides water retailer services to businesses and organisations across England and Scotland.

Customer feedback: Water Plus have a ‘Poor’ rating of 2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. This rating is based on over 760 reviews to date. They were also one of the five poorest performing companies in the annual non-household water customer complaints report overseen by the Consumer Council for Water survey for 2020.


Cambrian Utilities

Cambrian Utilities is a Welsh water retailer that also operates in some areas of England for non-residential customers. The company is part of the Glas Cymru group, which reinvests any profit back into the business, to benefit customers over the longterm, rather than pay it out to shareholders.  

Eligible businesses, charities and public sector customers can access wastewater and water supply services, as well as customer service and advice including billing support, water-saving services and tailored comprehensive business support to identify where you can save time and money.

Areas covered: Cambrian Utilities operates water and waste water services to customers in most of Wales and parts of England through its subsidiary Dŵr Cymru.

Customer feedback: Cambrian Utilities have a Trustpilot account under the name Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, they have an average overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.



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