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Business Electricity Meter Installation

Grab a new commercial electric meter today & start saving money!

It's 3 easy steps. Request a new meter, choose your meter type & install within 2 weeks.

Get your new business electricity meter

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We can complete your business electricity meter installation within just 2 weeks. In most cases, we will provide the new meter installation for free when you switch suppliers with us*. 

Whatever reason you have for looking at a new business electricity meter installation, there are many benefits to upgrading. Our connections team will work with you to understand your exact requirements before offering a range of options. We ensure you’re not overpaying on your electricity bill. 

What Your Business Electricity Meter Installation Looks Like

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    We’ll get to know your business and how you use electricity

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    We'll discuss options with you and arrange an installation date if you’re happy to proceed. There’s no obligation when you query

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    We’ll have your business electricity meter installed within 2 weeks

How Do I Choose The Right Electricity Meter For My Business? 

With a range of options, it can be confusing to choose a meter that will save you the most money. This is where our expert team comes in to offer free advice. You’ll need to consider your business size, energy usage, and operating hours. Most businesses opt for one of the following meter types: 

Standard Meter 

Standard, single-rate meters will charge usage at a flat rate. If your business uses most of its energy during peak hours, this will likely be the right meter for you.

The drawback of most standard meters is that you will be required to submit your meter readings manually. You may also receive estimated billing which can make it difficult to keep track of your business electricity usage.

Smart Meter 

Smart electricity meters are one of the most popular meter choices for businesses. A smart meter removes the need for estimated billing by providing automatic, accurate readings directly to your supplier.

If you run a small business which doesn’t meet the minimum usage for a half-hourly meter, a smart meter can be an excellent alternative. You will still receive the benefits of automated up-to-date meter readings. This can make it much easier for your business to discover how much energy you’re using and when your peak energy usage occurs.

Multi Rate Meter 

Multi-rate meters offer cheaper kWh unit prices at certain times of the day. For example, off-peak times include night and weekend rates. Multi-rate meters will have two, or sometimes three separate prices per kWh unit of electricity at set times in the day. The off-peak times will vary depending on the business electricity supplier, location and the meter you have. 

Multi-Site Meter 

Multi-site meters allow larger businesses with several buildings to manage their electricity with one billing account. These business locations can include offices, warehouses or even factories.

Half Hourly Meter 

Half-hourly electricity readings are mandatory for UK corporations using at least 100,000 kWh of electricity each year. Half-hour electricity meters, also called “00” meters, measure and record consumption automatically.

Business Electricity Meter Installation FAQs

  • Can I Install My Own Electric Meter?

    Only a qualified installer can install an electric meter. Attempting to install your own meter can lead to prosecution. A qualified installer will need the supplier’s permission.

  • Electricity Meter Installation Cost

    The prices vary depending on what type of meter you require. In most cases, we offer free installation when you switch suppliers with us. 

  • Why Do I Need My MPAN To Install A New Electricity Meter?

    This helps us identify the meter that is going to be replaced. Each meter has a unique number.