Guide to Npower UK Business Services

Here’s our guide on what options are available for choosing energy from Npower in the UK.

The German power giant RWE fully owns the UK division of Npower. Npower are both a supplier and generator of gas and electricity in the UK producing over 10% of the UK power requirements. Their head office is in Solihull near Birmingham and currently supply over 365,000 SMEs and corporations.

Npower BusinessNpower are also investing in new generating infrastructure to meet the UK power requirements as well as reducing carbon emissions as part of the UK’s carbon offset programme.

Part of their investment is to install so called “Smart Meters” into business premises for free to monitor consumption.

Their fuel mix graph shows a dependency on legacy fuel sources such as coal and natural gas. Other companies rely more on nuclear power sources as shown below:

Npower Fuel Mix

The Range of Energy Products Available

As with most organisations longer term recent Npower research shows that nearly 100% of SMEs simply want to save money on their fuel bills. With that clearly in mind Npower products are designed to accomplish just that through lower unit prices and energy savings initiatives.

  • The M3 Audit is a combination programme encompassing a range of measures to reduce your annual invoices. You receive a free energy monitor, a full audit of your usage data and tips to reduce your consumption. Npower estimate by following their guidance your bills can be reduced by 15%-20%. This also reduces your carbon offset charges that are outlined on your bill.
  • Standard electric and gas contracts utilising fixed contract lengths are generally offered. You can obtain direct live prices from their website or their UK call centre. SMEs can take advantage of their Fixed 123 programme making it easy to receive quotes and sign up to a new deal.
  • Contracts available are fixed for a duration of one, two or three years. Once signed up you can’t move supplier, but the prices are also fixed so won’t increase at all during your contract term.
  • Larger customers can procure their energy directly in a variety of ways. You can purchase directly from the wholesale market using various risk management tools to help your decision. Prices can be fixed or variable with renewable energy options also available.
  • If you’re generating energy yourself, either directly or via renewable sources, then integrated options are offered. This may help generate additional revenues for your company and also reduce your bills longer term.
  • All their staff are based in the UK including all call centre personnel.
  • If you pay by monthly direct debit you can save an additional 2% off your annual invoice.
  • Manage your account online with Energy Assist. This fully integrated product works with half hourly or smart meters. Gathering your data on a regular basis provides accurate consumption data to help your monitor your usage. A range of exclusive tools help you tailor your reporting and analysis to save fuel. You can monitor up to 10 sites within one account. This free service is available to most customers.

How can You Get Connected?

If you’re not already with Npower and want to switch, then the change-over is handled seamlessly by their staff. You can only change once your existing contract has come to and end so timing can be immediate to three months. (if your contract ends in three months, then that’s the first opportunity to switch over).

All contracts are verified by their specialist team to ensure you’re never out of contract and placed on incorrect rates.

Prices are available via their website or their call centre. Npower provides competitive pricing and already supply hundreds of thousands of UK businesses. The overall service of cheaper rates together with their energy efficiency programmes provides a vital combination.

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