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It is estimated by the Carbon Trust that UK schools spend £543 million every year on their business electricity bills. For schools and education centres, controlling these costs is critical.

Switching electricity suppliers or looking to save electricity at school, there are a variety of options to take control. 

By simply providing your address and a few contact details, you can compare the latest electricity prices from a wide range of trusted business electricity suppliers.

How much do schools pay for electricity?

The table below shows calculations for the average school electricity bill in 2024. 

Business Type Annual Electricity Usage Electricity Rate
(per kWh)
Estimated Annual Cost
School/ College

19,599 kWh




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Benefits of switching for schools and colleges

If you haven’t switched or renegotiated your electricity deal for a few years, it’s likely your school or education centre will be overpaying for the electricity you use.

Many schools may feel that they don’t have the time to switch electricity contracts. However, the process couldn’t be simpler with Business Electricity Prices. You can view a range of business electricity tariffs in minutes by completing our quick online comparison calculator.

You can then receive advice from our electricity experts on choosing the right tariff to match the needs of your school. You’ll even be provided with a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process of switching to your new electricity deal.

Reduce your school energy bill

Even those schools with the best electricity deals can reduce their electricity costs further by implementing a few electricity-saving measures.

Reducing your electricity usage has the dual benefit of saving money and having a positive impact on the environment.

Keeping warm in class

We know the number one priority for schools is to create a comfortable and safe environment. During winter months, schools spend significant amounts of money on electricity. This is to ensure students and teachers stay warm whatever the weather.

Your heating can also offer a great place to start when seeking to reduce electricity usage. Heating is estimated to make up 60% of a school's electricity bills.

Simple actions can make a big difference to your electricity usage. Scheduling annual boiler services can improve your heating system efficiency by up to 15%. Using timers, keeping thermostats at a steady ambient temperature and turning down radiators in rooms, not in use can all reduce your heating costs.

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Understand consumption 

The Carbon Trust estimates that UK schools could save over £44 million every year by making small efficiency improvements. Combating climate change is a core component of local authorities and many independent schools.

Small changes can also make a big difference. Switching to LED lighting can reduce your electricity bill by 4%. Encourage teachers and students to take responsibility for switching off and unplugging electronic equipment when not in use. Many young people are passionate about environmental protection. Allowing them to take action can enrich their studies.

Compare Utility Deals in One Place with Business Electricity Prices

At Business Electricity Prices, we aim to make the process of saving money on your utilities simple. With our specialist team, you compare the latest prices for your school’s electricity, gas, and water.

Business Electricity

Compare prices for your school and let us handle your electricity switch.

Find great deals on business electricity for your school in minutes with an innovative comparison engine from Business Electricity Prices.

Business Gas

Schools can be faced with eye-watering heating bills, especially if you’re overpaying for your business gas. Find out how you can switch to a cheaper deal.

Business Water

Did you know your school can switch water suppliers? Find out how much you could save by comparing water prices with Business Electricity Prices.

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Business Energy FAQs for Schools

  • Is there an ideal time to switch a school energy contract?

    Prices on the energy market can be lower outside of the winter months. Energy prices tend to trend up over time, so we don’t advise delay. If your school is on an expensive tariff, it is best to switch ASAP.

  • What is the ideal temperature for a school thermostat?

    It depends on the space! Classrooms should be at around 18 °C, with corridors and assembly areas at 15 °C. Low-activity rooms and nurseries should be between 20 – 21 °C.

  • How long does it take to switch my school’s energy contract?

    A bespoke energy contract switch can take a 4-6 weeks to complete. Contact us today to arrange your switch. We can give you an accurate timeline once the process is underway.

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