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npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON Prices, Rates & Reviews

The latest information and prices for npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON. 

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npower Business Solutions is the commercial arm of E.ON Energy - and was renamed when npower was acquired by E.ON. npower's domestic customers were migrated to E.ON Next. They now serve the commercial market as npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON.


In January 2019, npower was acquired by E.ON Energy, another reputable UK energy supplier. Before this, it was owned by the German power giant, RWE.

The supplier maintains a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. It is the sole energy company to receive triple certification from the Carbon Trust Standard. It also actively seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, as well as that of its customers.

npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON: Tariffs and Prices

npower Business Solutions is the part of npower that deals with commercial customers. By creating a separate stream for business energy consumers, this supplier has created tailored support for people who operate their businesses. 

You can find information about up-to-date charges on the website. 

Advantages of Choosing npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON

  • npower Business Solutions is committed to helping businesses hit net zero carbon emissions. 
  • npower has compliance specialists who can help business owners who have complicated compliance needs. The specialists can even help you avoid penalties and meet deadlines. 
  • Business owners have a 5-day guarantee; their power will be on in five days or fewer! 
  • npower Business Solutions customers can access consumption insights, which will help them lower their monthly expenses and save money. 
  • This supplier offers ‘straightforward fixed contracts, sophisticated flexible contracts, and specialist options for consultants.’ 

Disadvantages of Choosing npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON

  • npower focuses on large consumption businesses only - SMEs will have to go elsewhere. 
  • There are no instant quotes online as tariffs are bespoke. 

Compare npower Business Solutions Tariffs With Business Electricity Prices

With our trailblazing comparison engine, it has never been easier to compare business energy prices

A cheaper, more effective tariff is only a few minutes away. To use our comparison generator, you need:

  • Your postcode
  • The type of fuel you want to compare
  • Contact details 

The best part of our service is that it’s all available online! There’s no need to sit in a queue, wait for customer service representatives, or fill in any physical forms. That being said, if you need us, we’re available. You can reach one of our switching specialists on 0800 690 6008. 

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Why Switch With Business Electricity Prices?

npower Business Solutions’ services might seem confusing, especially now that E.ON Energy has acquired the supplier. To cut through all the misinformation, you need to speak to an expert. 

That’s where we come in. We make the switching process as easy as possible for commercial consumers all over the UK. Here are some of the benefits of using our service. 

  • Our quote generator only needs a few bits of basic information
  • We recommend suppliers and tariffs that are tailored to your business
  • Our team will complete the switch for you
  • Commercial consumers save time and energy when they use our service

Needless to say, we have helped thousands of business owners find better deals and switch suppliers.  

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The Easy Way to Switch to npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON

Large businesses will find npower Business Solutions, Powered By E.ON will find attractive deals for high consumption. With a range of contracts offered, they are worth considering depending on energy strategy and goals. 

Speaking to an expert can help guide you on the right options for your business. Our team has years of experience helping commercial customers switch from one supplier to another. No matter what you’re worried about, we can help. 

Once you’ve used our quote generator and found a new supplier, we’ll take over. One of our specialists will be appointed to your switch, and they’ll update you throughout the process. They are available to answer any concerns that you have. 

What Else Can npower, Powered By E.ON Offer My Business?

There’s nothing worse than general tariffs. With npower Business Solutions, you can access tailored support. npower exclusively focuses on business customers, which means that you’ll get personalised deals. 

npower also caters to a range of commercial energy customers. It works with generators, investors, and people who are buying on behalf of a portfolio. It covers every base for commercial customers. 

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What Happens if My npower, Powered By E.ON Contract Is Up for Renewal?

npower Business Solutions is now being managed by E.ON Energy, so any new contracts and renewals will be handled by them.

In 2013, E.ON stopped auto-rollover contracts. Now, customers have to use E.ON’s opt-out previsions and keep an eye on the terms of their contract. Once the contract is finished, customers can negotiate new rates with customer service advisers. 

Fuel Mix & Green Performance

Green credentials can make or break a supplier. Most consumers look for service providers that care about the environment. Luckily, npower does. 

The term ‘fuel mix’ refers to the ratio of different fuels that a supplier uses. The more sustainable the fuels and the sources, the better. 

You can find Npower's fuel mix below: 

  • Coal - 5.5%
  • Natural Gas - 45.2% 
  • Nuclear - 4.2% 
  • Renewables - 40.4%
  • Other fuels - 4.7%

Only 40% of npower Business Solutions’ energy comes from renewable sources of fuel. This is less than other Big Six suppliers (76% of the fuel that British Gas uses comes from renewable sources), but much more than a lot of independent suppliers. 

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