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Smarter Business Business Energy Prices, Quotes, and Reviews

Smarter Business is an energy broker that compares gas, electricity, and a number of other services. 

How to Switch Business Energy Using Smarter Business 

If you want to get a quote for Smarter Business, this broker has a simple online form.   

To get a Smarter Business energy business quote, you need to input this information. 

  • Business name
  • Type of business
  • Postcode
  • Service

Once you’ve completed all the fields, you must tell Smarter Business a few personal details. You can also add an optional message to tell your account manager a bit about your needs. 

You will not see prices online and you will have to wait for a call within the hour for a sales rep. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about Smarter Business Energy per kWh rates, potential services, and any other concerns that you have. 

If you would prefer to view prices and switch entirely online, that's where we can help. 

In 30 seconds, you can compare business electricity prices and select the tariff that’s right for your company.

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Who Are Smarter Business? 

Smarter Business is a UK-based energy broker that offers a number of essential services for small, medium, and large businesses. Ultimately, this energy broker is committed to providing business owners with the best services across the board. 

Socially and environmentally conscious business owners will be interested to learn that Smarter Business has an anti-slavery policy and a carbon net zero project. Smarter Business business energy customers can rest assured that they are investing in a responsible energy broker.

Smarter Business Customer Reviews 

Before you commit to this energy broker, you need to look at Smarter Business customer reviews. For comprehensive views, there is no better site than Trustpilot. 

Smarter Business has over 200 reviews, 4.1/5 stars, and an overall rating of great. A lot of the positive comments talk about the ‘easy and straightforward’ switching process, but negative comments talk about unexpected big bills. Unfortunately, Smarter Business doesn’t reply to all the feedback on Trustpilot, which means that some customers will have unresolved issues. 

Advantages of Smarter Business Business Energy

  • Smarter Business electricity and gas services are available to small, medium, and large customers. 
  • Each customer receives an account manager that stays with them throughout their switch.  
  • Smarter Business is a conscious supplier that has an anti-slavery policy and a carbon net zero policy, making it perfect for ethical business owners. 

Disadvantages of Smarter Business Business Energy 

  • This energy broker doesn’t provide quotes online, so you’ll have to speak to someone or email a representative to discuss your quote. 
  • Some Smarter Business customer reviews on Trustpilot don’t receive a reply, meaning unsatisfied customers might not get the support that they need. 

Other Services Smarter Business Offers

You can get much more than just Smarter Business electricity and gas from this energy broker. Business owners can get quotes from a number of other services that will benefit their business and bottom line. 

These are all the services that you can access. 

  • Water
  • Waste 
  • Finance
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Telecoms 

The switching process works the same way for all the services. If you select the business water option, you can click on ‘get a quote’ and go from there. It only takes a few minutes to complete the forms, and soon enough you’ll receive a phone call from your account manager.  

In 30 seconds, you can compare business electricity prices and select the tariff that’s right for your company.

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