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Everflow Water - Take Control Of Your Business Water Bills

Since 2017 businesses have been able to choose their water supplier and reduce their costs.

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As of April 2017, the water market was deregulated. This decision created three main players in the commercial water landscape: wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. Wholesalers are responsible for sourcing and maintaining water sources. Retailers like Everflow Water purchase water from wholesalers and add a small fee to the standard wholesale charges to account for customer-facing activities. 

In this new dynamic, consumers have more power than ever. Before the water market was deregulated, non-domestic consumers had to purchase water services from whichever wholesaler governed their region. Now, they can choose from a pool of however many retailers supply to their region. 

Everflow Water is competing with other suppliers for your business. In this article, our experts examine Everflow Water’s business water services so that you do not have to. Read our in-depth guide to save time and focus on the things that matter to your business. 

Introduction to Everflow Water

Everflow Water has only been active since 2015. It is one of the youngest suppliers with one of the biggest reputations! Unlike a lot of suppliers, Everflow Water does not claim to cater to every need. Instead, Everflow Water business water is tailored toward SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that want ‘environmentally-friendly water supply services.’ 

This supplier has not built its reputation on false claims. In fact, Everflow Water is so versatile that several different branches of its work have been recognised by water authorities. In 2021, Utilities recognised Everflow Water as one of the 10 best companies to work for, and in the same year, the Water Industry Awards labelled Everflow Water as a finalist in the category of Most Innovative Technology. It was also a finalist for the Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Natwest GBEA. 

The brains behind Everflow Water have created six core values to shape their brand. The first and most prominent is to ‘do the right thing.’ Given the focus on moral values, it is no surprise that Everflow Water is involved in a lot of environmental and charitable causes.

Commercial water consumers all over England love this supplier because it is ‘committed to giving back’ to local and international communities. Over 500 families around the world have clean water thanks to Everflow Water. For every 250 customers that switch, Everflow builds a well in an international community where water is scarce. 

In recent years, Everflow became the UK’s first water supplier to promise 100% carbon neutral services and it also funded its own water efficiency scheme to encourage business owners to consider their usage. Even better, Everflow Water has signed the SME Climate Agreement. This agreement mirrors the government’s goal of hitting Net-Zero emissions by 2050. 

Everflow Water Commercial Water Services

If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, Everflow Water might be a good option for you. This supplier caters to a very specific subset of commercial water consumers, which means that there is no risk of the services being too general. 

Prospective Everflow Water business water customers might be disappointed to learn that there is not much information about the services on the website, although this might be another indicator that the services are extremely tailored to specific needs. 

Lucky for keen consumers, they can find information about Everflow Water’s extra services on the website. Customers can ask for ‘no saving, no fee’ water audits, utilise the award-winning billing platform, and access streamlined online billing. 

Water audits are an essential yet often misunderstood part of building maintenance. As part of this process, an expert will travel to your premises and test your system. They can identify problem areas and suggest quick fixes before they turn into expensive repairs. 

Online billing is becoming increasingly more popular, especially among business owners who have to juggle lots of responsibilities. It eliminates a lot of admin work and can save the day when business owners accidentally misplace their monthly bills.

Everflow Water Business Water Reviews

In the newly competitive landscape, suppliers are eager to show just how much they care about customer service. The internet is flooded with commercial water supplier comparison articles, and the advent of websites like Trustpilot has even given existing customers a platform to air their grievances. 

At Business Electricity Prices, we rely on Trustpilot because it is a reputable review site. All service-based businesses have a Trustpilot account. Everflow Water is unlike other suppliers in that it only focuses on business water customers. All the reviews on its page are written by and geared towards non-domestic consumers. 

Everflow Water has 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot and an average rating of excellent. Over 1,000 Everflow Water business water customers have contributed to the overall rating. An overwhelming 80% of customers think that the services are excellent, whereas only 11% of customers think that the services are bad. 

Satisfied customers mention representatives by name and thank them for quick, friendly calls. Unsatisfied customers have had problems with automatic contract renewals, inflated bills, and clueless customer service representatives. The good news is that a representative from Everflow Water replies to all the reviews with solutions and advice. 

Everflow Water Average Business Water Prices

It is not uncommon for suppliers to have an entire page on their website dedicated to charges. Unit rates are one of the most important considerations for consumers, so it is no surprise that suppliers are so transparent. Of course, some commercial water suppliers prefer to keep their charges under wraps until potential customers have requested a tailored quote. 

Potential Everflow Water business water customers will be disappointed to discover that this supplier does not follow the trend. They will not be able to find detailed, concise information about charges online. Instead, they have to request a quote to get a good idea of what their overall bill might be.  

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Business owners switch water suppliers for lots of reasons. 

  • Lower unit rates - This is the most common reason why business owners switch suppliers. Commercial water suppliers are obligated to keep their unit rates within the confines set out by Ofwat. Apart from that, they can decide how much to charge for essential water services. Some business owners operate under the mistaken assumption that unit prices are mostly the same across the board. In fact, switching suppliers is the easiest way to reduce monthly water bills by a significant chunk.  
  • Better customer support - There is nothing worse than ill-informed customer support representatives. Water suppliers can either invest in customer support or leave their representatives to flounder. When pipes burst and billing errors occur, you need to speak to someone who can provide clear, concise repair times and solutions. By switching to a supplier that cares about customer services, you can invest in your business in the long run. 
  • Transparent information - Everflow Water business water customers understand the importance of transparency. Now that suppliers are in direct competition with each other, business owners scrutinise them on even the smallest pieces of information. The only thing worse than providing customers with unsatisfactory information is providing no information at all!
  • Little extras - Extra services can nudge new customers in the right direction, especially if they save time. Extras services can be anything from consolidated billing to dedicated account managers. Account managers are ideal for business owners who do not want to deal with all the small, niggling details. They can even advise you on ways to save water and reduce your overall bill. 
  • Eco-friendly practices -  As environmental concerns grow more pressing by the day, commercial water suppliers like Everflow Water have taken a stand. They create, fund, and support all kinds of sustainability programmes. Some suppliers even get involved in charitable causes and provide disadvantaged people in third-world countries with clean water. 

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Switching suppliers has never been easier, but a lot of business owners are put off by the time it takes to find a suitable supplier. 

Research is the most time-consuming part of switching suppliers. But if you do not research each supplier, you could fall victim to one of the most common traps. We have spoken to hundreds of commercial water customers who enter into contracts with big-name suppliers, only to find that their reputation does not accurately reflect the services that they offer. 

For hassle-free switching, consider using our business water comparison generator. This generator is designed to support business owners who want to eliminate the tiring research and skip straight to selecting a supplier. 

  1. Choose the service that you want to compare.
  2. Add in a few important details.
  3. Click compare now and wait for 60 seconds. 

Within 60 seconds, our generator will produce a list of suppliers that match your specifications. 

For more information about switching, visit our business water page.