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For any manufacturer, it’s vial to switch to the best energy tariff available. The running of industrial equipment as well as heating and lighting of factories often uses huge amounts of energy. If you’re overpaying for the energy you use, your running costs could be unnecessarily high.

At Business Electricity Prices, we’re committed to helping manufacturers find the right energy deal for their needs. No matter what your business size or energy usage, we can help you reduce your business energy bills.

Benefits of Switching Business Energy for Manufacturers

Switching your business energy tariff is a simple way to reduce the running costs of your factory or workshop.

If you haven’t switched or renegotiated your energy contract, it’s likely you will be overpaying for the gas and electricity you use. If you fail to renegotiate your business energy contract, you will likely be moved to a rollover deal by your suppliers. This can leave businesses paying rates which are 80% higher than negotiated deals.

Our experienced account managers will be on hand to guide you through the process of switching your business energy. They’ll be available to answer questions you may have and help you find a tariff that best suits the needs of your business.

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Improving Energy Efficiency for Manufacturing Businesses

It is estimated that half of all UK businesses are overpaying for energy. But getting an affordable energy tariff is only half the battle. It is also vital to ensure that your company is energy efficient.

Typical energy costs can make up a fifth of operating costs for energy-intensive businesses. Finding ways to minimise your energy use can help your business grow.

An energy audit is an opportunity to consider when, how and why you use energy. Even simple tasks, such as switching on the lights or turning on a computer, use power. The first step is to identify what is essential. Once that has been clarified, look at your operations.

Is machinery left on longer than needed? What about lighting? Are machines checked regularly, so they run efficiently? Write down your findings and come up with an action plan. After all, if you can reduce your energy use by 20% over a year, that is going to increase your profitability.

Sustaining Energy Improvements

When seeking to improve energy usage, it’s important for any business to bring your staff on board. One way is through the use of energy monitors. Monitors can help you record your energy use before and after you make changes. That will allow you to measure your savings. It can motivate you and your staff. Not all changes have to be major. Simple actions can reduce your consumption, like switching off heating and lighting when not in use.

Large manufacturing businesses which use at least 70,000 kWh of electricity can switch to a half hourly meter. As the name suggests, a half hourly meter automatically sends meter readings to your supplier every half hour.

This allows you to receive a much more accurate representation of how much energy your business is using. This will improve your knowledge of your energy usage and offer you much more accurate energy bills.

Manage Your Utilities Costs with Business Electricity Prices

At Business Electricity Prices, we’ve helped manufacturing businesses of all sizes find great deals across business gas, electricity, and water. With over £90m saved for more than 300,000 customers so far, there’s no better time to switch your business utilities.

Business Electricity

Reduce your manufacturing energy bills by switching your business electricity with the experts at Business Electricity Prices.

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Find out how much you could save by switching your manufacturing business gas tariff. We can help you find a deal that matches the exact needs of your business.

Business Water

Manufacturing businesses can now switch water providers. Compare the latest water prices today to find out how much you could save.

Manufacturing Energy FAQs

  • My business operates during the evening and night, what is the best energy contract for me?

    An Economy 7 or Economy 10 contract may be appropriate. These tariffs offer cheaper unit rates at night. Our experts can advise you on the best value multi rate contracts for your energy usage.

  • We are an intensive energy user, can we reduce our energy bills?

    Yes, by ensuring that you are on the best value tariff for your energy usage. Business Electricity Prices can help you find a great value bespoke contract. We can also advise you on other matters related to your energy usage. You may benefit from a climate change agreement, rather than paying the Climate Change Levy, for example.

  • How long does it take to switch a manufacturing business energy contract?

    Unlike domestic energy switches, a commercial energy switch can take a 4-6 weeks to complete. We recommend you start the process of comparing commercial energy tariffs with Business Electricity Prices as soon as possible. Don’t wait to save.

  • Will my manufacturing business energy supply be disrupted if I change energy supplier?

    No, changing to a new provider will not affect your electricity or gas supply.

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