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Electricity Rates For Warehouses 

We help thousands of warehouses each year reduce their electricity bills and keep costs low. 

Compare tariffs online in less than 30 seconds.

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Operating a successful warehouse can be challenging and we aim to take the stress of business electricity management away. 

By switching with us, you will have a dedicated account manager to guide you through the switching process.

Benefits of Switching Your Warehouse Business Electricity

Businesses operating warehouses can face particularly high electricity bills. They can represent up to a quarter of a business’ costs. 

Failing to renegotiate their electricity deal can be moved to expensive rollover contracts. The average rates for rollover contracts can be 80% higher than negotiated deals.

By comparing business electricity suppliers, you can view a huge range of the latest electricity deals. Once you’ve switched with us, we’ll even be in touch with you towards the end of your contract to keep you on the best deal available.

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Saving Electricity in Your Warehouse

Keeping your warehouse well-lit and at an appropriate temperature, all comes at an electricity cost. Additional expenses will impact your bottom line as well as the environment.

Carrying out a business electricity audit can allow your warehouse to discover where you can improve efficiency. 

Lighting the way to cheaper electricity bills

Ensuring you use LED lighting around your warehouse is a simple way to save money. Replacing high-frequency fluorescent lighting with LED lights could save you as much as £131 per year per fitting.

Ensuring lights are switched off in areas, not in use or installing sensors can also help you limit electricity waste and reduce your bills.

Become local electricity-saving ambassadors

For many in the commercial sector, your reputation is not just on the service you provide.

There are many ways to show customers and clients that your business is environmentally friendly. The first step could be switching to a green electricity supplier.

Using solar panels or other renewable electricity sources can be a boost for warehouse businesses. Investing in electricity-efficient appliances can also future-proof your business. electricity-efficiency appliances have the added benefit of being cheaper to run, allowing your business to save money and the environment.

Reduce Your Warehouse Utility Bills with Business Electricity Prices

At Business Electricity Prices, we’ve helped warehouses of all sizes find great deals across business gas, electricity, and water. We’ve already helped more than 300,000 businesses save over £90m by switching with us.

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Did you know that warehouses can now switch water providers? Discover how much you could save by comparing business water prices today.

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